100+  Middle School Icebreakers

Fun Games, Activities & Questions For Middle Schoolers

Discover 101 engaging icebreakers for middle school, including games, activities, worksheets, and questions to help students connect, build a sense of community, and thrive in their new learning environment.

What are good icebreakers for middle school? The best icebreaker activities for middle school are games, worksheets, classroom activities, and fun questions for teens and tweens.  Many teachers like to use easy icebreaker activities for the first 10-15 minutes of class during the first week of school.

Middle School Icebreakers: Games

Human Bingo: Create a bingo card with various statements that apply to the students (e.g., “Has a sibling,” “Loves pizza,” “Plays an instrument”). Students walk around and find classmates who match the descriptions, signing their names in the corresponding box.

Middle School Icebreakers: Games

Snowball Fight: Each student writes a fun fact about themselves on a piece of paper, crumples it up, and engages in a “snowball fight” by throwing the paper balls around the room. Once the fight is over, everyone picks up a snowball, reads the fact, and tries to guess whose fact it is.

Questions For Middle School

1. What is one thing you’re proud of accomplishing?” 2. “What is your favorite family tradition?” 3. “What are three things you can’t live without?” 4. “If you could be any animal, which one would you choose and why?”

Middle School Icebreakers: Activities

1. Friendship Bracelets: Provide materials for students to make friendship bracelets and exchange them with their classmates as a token of friendship and support.

Middle School Icebreakers: Activities

2. The Compliment Game: Have students sit in a circle and take turns giving the person next to them a genuine compliment. This activity promotes kindness and positivity.

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