How to simplify Christmas with the 4 gift rule!

What Is The 4 Gift Rule? The 4 gift rule for Christmas simplifies gift-giving and cuts down on adding to the massive amounts of unnecessary stuff kids already have!

Using the 4 present rule has so many benefits. It is especially useful if you have several children. It saves your time, saves your Christmas budget, and keeps your kids from being entitled!

To make things easier you can download a 4 gift rule printable letter to Santa to help kids embrace this new tradition.


Download this FREE letter to Santa explaining the 4 gift rule.

What Are The Four Christmas Gifts: – Something they want – Something they need – Something to read – Something to wear How simple is that!

Giving them these 4 useful gifts will help them learn to appreciate what they have and not feel entitled or grow up to be greedy in our “give me more” commercialism society.

It’s a good idea to explain the 4 present rule to your kids before Christmas morning. They may feel a little blindsided if they have been showered with tons of gifts on the holidays beforehand.

The 4 gift rule helps emphasize presence over presents. This is a good time to talk to your kids about the reason for the season.