20 EASTER GAMES For Adults & Kids

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 The best Minute To Win It Easter games to have fun family time!

Minute to Win It Easter Games are a great way to get kids and adults active, engaged, and having fun They can be played indoors or outdoors and they can be adjusted to suit the age of the players.

Let these fun Easter Games for Adults bring out their inner child!  Kids will love playing all of these Minute-To-Win-It Easter Games! These Easter Minute To Win It games are for all ages!  

Here are the twenty best games for Easter!

You can try any or all of them at your next Easter celebration – no preparation necessary!

Easter Game 1:The Easter Egg Stack In this game, players must stack as many Easter eggs as possible in one minute. The player with the tallest stack at the end of the minute wins! Easter Game 2: The Easter Egg Toss In this game, players must toss Easter eggs into a basket or other container. The player who gets the most eggs in the container in one minute wins!

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Easter Game 3: Easter Egg Roll In this game, players must roll Easter eggs down a ramp or incline. The goal is to see how many Easter eggs you can get to roll into a target in one minute. You can make this more fun by having the eggs roll through a downward obstacle course or end the roll into a splash or something equally amazing.

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Check out all of these 20 fun Easter games for kids and adults!

For more Easter games, instantly print off these Minute-To-Win-It relay games for your next Easter celebration. These Minute To Win It games for Easter are perfect for players of all ages and will make your Easter celebration even more fun!