Free Printable  Elf On The Shelf  Arrival Letter From Santa


Free printable Elf on the Shelf arrival letter from Santa! Get creative with your Christmas shenanigans with these Elf On The Shelf FREE downloads!

Elf on the Shelf allows kids to experience the magic of Christmas with a bit of mysterious play.

Grab the FREE Printable to have fun with Elf on the Shelf this Christmas!

Every morning, your child will wake up excited to find out what Christmas shenanigans the elf has gotten into during the night. Not to mention, the Elf on the Shelf can be a playful reminder for your children to behave during the holiday season!

To help you get started in this fun Christmas tradition, here is an Elf on the Shelf Letter From Santa (free download)

It provides some information about the elf from Santa, so kids know what to expect! Also, this is a letter that can be printed and given to the kids year after year, when their elf returns from their journey from the North Pole.