Money Saving Mom Hacks For Moms To Be Saving A Lot Money & Keep A Frugal Family Budget!

Money saving tips for moms because raising a family on a budget is hard! It is especially more difficult for stay-at-home moms and single moms to save money when depending on one income.

Use this ULTIMATE list of all the best money-saving mom hacks to help you save $1000’s every single year.

The USDA says the cost of raising a child is $233,610 per child! It doesn’t matter if you are financially stable or living paycheck to paycheck you should be using money-saving hacks to be saving a lot of money – because you NEED to!

Use this list of 50+ Frugal Money Saving Mom Hacks

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Mom Hacks For Saving A Lot At Home:

1. Set Your Washer On Cold Washing clothes in cold water will still remove stains and it saves on energy costs. 2. Unplug Electronics When not in use, unplug electronics and even some appliances. It may not seem like much, but it will save you money on your power bill. Just by unplugging, you can easily save $100/year!

More Money Saving Mom Hacks For Saving A Lot At Home:

3. Change Your Air Filters You may think that changing your air filters frequently may cost you more money, but on the contrary, it actually saves money. In fact, changing dirty air filters can reduce your energy bill by 15%.

Money-Saving Mom Hacks To Save On Shopping

1. Shop Off-Season I always buy my children’s clothes in the off-season. You know the drill, buy summer clothes in the fall, and buy winter clothes in the spring. 2. Ask For Discounts Many stores offer discounts for homeschoolers, active military, first responders, and more. Just ask while you are at the checkout if they offer any discounts. Chances are they do, and many times if they don’t they will still knock off a percentage just because you asked.

Be sure to read all 50 money-saving mom hacks to save $1000's at home, shopping, eating out, on entertainment, and more!!