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Heart Fingerprint Poem Printable Keepsake

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Adorable heart fingerprint poem pdfs for kids to make gifts for their loved ones.

These fingerprint poems are easy valentine’s day crafts for kids or the perfect Mother’s day keepsake!


heart fingerprint poem printable


Valentine’s Day is coming up!

If you’re looking for an easy Valentine’s Day craft for kids, try making these fingerprint heart poems!

A fingerprint heart poem is a great craft for kids who want to give their mom or grandparent something that they can cherish forever.

Something I believe that all of us parents, grandparents, or even guardians know, is that our little ones will not be little forever. 

It seems like in a blink our kids are grown. 

Personally, I want to cherish these moments all I can. 

That is why I love making little keepsake crafts with my kids, so we can look back on them one day.

Having my kids make fingerprint hearts is such a heartfelt keepsake because they will forever leave fingerprints on my heart. 

Fingerprint Heart Poem

This fingerprint on my heart poem can be used on a special day such as Valentine’s day or even Mother’s day.

It will make a very memorable gift for anyone you love.

There are two different printable fingerprint poems you can use.

One is a fingerprint valentine poem and the other fingerprint poem pdf can be used for any occasion

Fingerprint Valentine Poem


Fingerprint heart poem printable Valentine


This version of the fingerprint heart poem, says “Happy Valentine’s Day”.

This Valentine poem for mothers is the perfect Valentine’s Day keepsake craft for kids to make.

Mother’s Day Fingerprint Poem


heart fingerprint poem printable


The fingerprints on my heart poem can be printed out and used for any special occasion.

As previously mentioned, this Mother’s Day fingerprint poem is not only a wonderful keepsake but an easy Mother’s Day craft for kids.

Fingerprint Poem Template

Free Heart Fingerprint Poem Printable



The printable heart fingerprint poem template already has small fingerprints in the shape of a heart. 

This fingerprint heart outline makes it an easy craft for kids, including toddlers and preschoolers.

Supplies Needed:

  • fingerprint poetry template printable
  • finger paints

These heart fingerprint poems can be printed on regular paper or cardstock.

I recommend using washable fingerpaints.

We used pink and red finger paint.

You can find heart fingerprint poem pdfs FREE in the Resource Library. 

Just sign up here!

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Heart fingerprint poem printable keepsake

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