Easy 3D Pumpkin Craft For Kids

Fun Fall Craft Toilet Paper Pumpkin Tutorial

Looking for a fun and easy fall craft for kids? Look no further than the 3D pumpkin toilet paper roll craft!

This simple paper pumpkin craft uses materials you likely already have at home, making it a budget-friendly option for families. It is fun to make, and the 3D paper pumpkin can be a festive decoration for the fall season.

To make the 3D pumpkin toilet paper roll craft, you will need an empty toilet paper roll, construction paper, scissors, and tape.

This is an easy pumpkin craft idea because it uses strips of paper, basic supplies, and an empty toilet paper roll!

Plus, to make things easier, we have a free printable pumpkin stem template, that you can use to make the perfect stem to put on top of the pumpkin craft!

Find the free printable pumpkin stem template at momhacks101.com

So, let’s get started with this tutorial for easy toilet paper pumpkins. Be sure to watch our fun DIY 3D paper pumpkin video tutorial!