Free Printable  Elf On The Shelf  Notes


FREE printable Elf On The Shelf Notes to encourage good behavior & announce Christmas countdown activities!

There are even blank Elf On The Shelf Notes to let you be creative with Saint Nick’s little assistant!

Each morning our kids find a new elf on the shelf note with their elf explaining what fun is in store for the day.

Grab the FREE Printable Notes to have fun with Elf on the Shelf this Christmas!

These notes help to remind kids that Saint Nick’s assistant observes the kids throughout the day. The best part about using elf on the shelf printable notes is being able to use them to teach your child that rewards come from good behavior.

To help you get the most out of  this fun Christmas tradition, use these Elf on the Shelf Notes (free download)

Watching your kids get excited about what notes their Elf On The Shelf leave for them every morning will remind you that Christmas magic is in your home this holiday season!