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FREE Printable Elf On The Shelf Notes

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FREE printable Elf On The Shelf Notes to encourage good behavior & announce Christmas countdown activities!

There are even blank Elf On The Shelf Notes to let you be creative with Saint Nick’s little assistant!


elf on the shelf notes free


One of our favorite Christmas traditions is our little Elf On the Shelf!

My kids get so excited about their Elf on the Shelf that they actually countdown to the day of arrival!

Every year, the kids can’t wait to bring him back to find out what goodies he brings and what mischief he gets into.

Plus, I love it when they find him every morning – it reminds me that Christmas magic is alive in my house.

Elf On The Shelf Notes FREE


elf on the shelf notes free


Like most people, we move our Elf around the house to various spots.

It’s a fun way to keep kids of all ages engaged and excited!

We use a Christmas Elf Activity Kit to help come up with fun activities to do with our elf.

Each morning our kids find a new elf on the shelf note with their elf explaining what fun is in store for the day.

It helps to remind them that Saint Nick’s assistant observes the kids throughout the day.   

Also, it reminds them that the elf reports back to Santa what they are up to – good or bad.

The best part about using elf on the shelf printable notes is being able to use them to teach your child that rewards come from good behavior.

To help you plan a magical Christmas check out Santa’s Helper Christmas Planner to help you stay on track of all of your holiday plans!

Free Printable Notes From Elf On The Shelf


To share in our Christmas magic, I made some FREE printable Elf on The Shelf Notes to share with our readers.

These elf on the shelf printable notes have some fun Christmas countdown activities you can do as a family or your kids can down on their own.

My kids look forward to baking Christmas cookies every year, so there is an elf note that announces what day that is.

Another elf note is a warning about behavior. 

Then there is a note of encouragement to be good in anticipation of Santa Claus coming soon.

Blank Notes From Elf On The Shelf Printable


free printable elf on the shelf notes

As an added bonus, I have made some blank elf notes that you can use to make your own elf notes say whatever you want.

What does your elf have to say?

Maybe, you want to remind your children to share with their siblings.

Or maybe you want your elf to remind your toddler to use the potty.

These blank elf on the shelf notes to kids can be personalized and let you be as creative as you want. 

As a bonus, these blank notes can be used as Elf On The Shelf gift tags!

Making personalized elf notes could be a new meaningful Christmas tradition for your family that your kids will always remember. 

I hope you enjoy all of these fun Elf On the Shelf notes and they help with your creative elf fun to bring the magic of Christmas into your home this holiday season!

For more holiday fun, be sure to grab your FREE printable letter to Santa!

And don’t forget to print out this FREE Christmas coupon book for kids to give to others, or as a fun stocking stuffer idea.

To download these FREE printable Elf On The Shelf Notes, just sign up here and the link to our FREE Resource Library will be instantly emailed to you.

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Moms Helping Moms! Share The Love!


Wednesday 30th of November 2022

this will bring so much fun to our Elf! thank you so much!

Mom Hacks 101

Wednesday 30th of November 2022

You are so very welcome!


Friday 4th of November 2022

love these such a cute idea for the kiddos

Blanca Flores

Tuesday 30th of November 2021

Thank you we are very excited.


Saturday 30th of October 2021

Thank you so much! My kids love Elf on The Shelf.

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