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Homemade Advent Calendar – Kids Christmas Countdown

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Looking for an easy Homemade Advent Calendar you can make at home

This DIY Advent Calendar For Kids is super easy and affordable!

It makes the perfect Kids Christmas Countdown!

DIY Christmas Advent Calendar

Christmas is the most exciting time of the year for children.

Having a Christmas countdown for kids builds the excitement and makes the entire holiday season fun!

Christmas Countdown For Kids

Advent calendars are a popular Christmas countdown. 

Each day your child can open a new little gift as a way of counting down the days until Christmas!

I don’t like buying pre-made Advent calendars for my kids, I always make a homemade Christmas countdown.

This year, I came up with the idea of making a door Advent calendar to hang on each one of my children’s bedroom doors. 

It was super simple to make, and my kids are so excited for December to roll around so they can start their Christmas countdown with their DIY Advent calendar!

Homemade Advent Calendar

What can I put in my child’s Advent calendar?

With 24 days to fill, coming up with small and creative advent fillers for kids can be a chore.

Of course, you could fill every day with a piece of chocolate, but we all know that’s not the best option for our kids.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I did add several pieces of chocolate candy to my child’s advent calendar, but there were many other fun trinkets and surprises to make my kids’ Christmas countdown extra special. 

Advent Filler Ideas For Kids:

  • mini playdoh
  • a note to watch a favorite Christmas movie
  • mini Disney blind bag figure
  • chapstick
  • hairbows
  • Hot Wheels mini collection
  • Hershey kiss
  • Hot chocolate packet
  • Gif toy – these are especially popular with my girls.
  • bracelet
  • travel size lotion
  • an act of kindness to do for someone or for the community
  • candy cane
  • stickers
  • box of raisins
  • a note for a fun holiday experience
  • temporary tattoos
  • a special ornament to put on the Christmas tree
  • a letter to Santa
  • a gift card
  • a note to bake cookies together
  • money
  • mini wind-up toy
  • a special note to tell your child how much they are loved

Pick and choose what little things your child would love.

Christmas Countdown For Kids

DIY Advent Calendar For Kids

This is a really simple homemade Advent calendar to make! 

Materials For DIY Advent Calendar:


Instructions to make a door homemade Advent calendar:

  1. Write numbers 1-24 on each bag.
  2. Fill each bag with a small filler.
  3. Collapse each bag and fold in half.
  4. Measure the burlap ribbon to fit the door.
  5. Cut two pieces of ribbon the same size. Give it extra length to wrap over the top of the door.
  6. Tape the ribbon to the top of the door with extra heavy-duty tape.
  7. Using clothespins, attach bags 1-12 to the first ribbon. Then attach bags 13-24 to the second ribbon.
  8. Add decorative gift tags to achieve the look you want.

Wishing you and your kids a fun countdown to Christmas!

I hope this fun homemade advent calendar adds some good cheer to your family this holiday season!

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If you make this simple DIY Advent Calendar, please let me know in the comments!

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