Free Printable Halloween Scavenger Hunt 

A fun way to celebrate Halloween without trick-or-treating is with an outdoor Halloween Scavenger hunt for kids!

The perfect solution to still make Halloween fun this year is to do a Halloween Scavenger Hunt!

Scavenger hunts are fun no matter what your age is. It’s like a treasure hunt with a spooky twist!


Neighborhood Walk Take your kids walking through the neighborhood just like you do every time you trick-or-treat. This time, every time they spot an item from the list, drop a piece of candy or prize into their Halloween bag.

Drive-By Halloween This fun Halloween scavenger hunt can easily be done while driving around town. It’s like a Halloween I-spy game!

Grab the FREE Printable to have a fun & safe Halloween!

Another great idea is to have an indoor trick-or-treat scavenger hunt as well. It is a fun way to hide Halloween candy at home while your kids use clues to find their prizes.