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Outdoor Halloween Scavenger Hunt: Trick-Or-Treat Alternative

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A fun way to celebrate Halloween without trick-or-treating is with an outdoor Halloween Scavenger hunt for kids!

With Halloween right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of fun ways your kids can still enjoy one of their favorite holidays while keeping a distance.

This year has been a little different for everyone and my kids keep asking “how will we celebrate Halloween without trick-or-treating?

Celebrate Halloween Without Trick or Treating With A Scavenger Hunt

The perfect solution to still make Halloween fun this year is to do a Halloween Scavenger Hunt!

Scavenger hunts are fun no matter what your age is.

It’s like a treasure hunt with a spooky twist!

Fun Ways To Have An Outdoor Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Try these different ways to enjoy Halloween without trick or treating! Dress your kids in their Halloween costumes and start your spooky hunt!

Print Off The Halloween Scavenger Hunt List

This list is made to use around your neighborhood or town.

You can do it on Halloween night or even before.

Once your neighbors have decorated their yards and porches with all of the spooky Halloween decorations, then the hunt is on!

Neighborhood Walk

Take your kids walking through the neighborhood just like you do every time you trick-or-treat.

This time, every time they spot an item from the list, drop a piece of candy or prize into their Halloween bag.

Drive-By Halloween

This fun Halloween scavenger hunt can easily be done while driving around town. 

It’s like a Halloween I-spy game!

Neighborhood Halloween Scavenger Hunt Printable

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Click image to download your FREE Printable from the Resource Library.

Trick or Treat Alternative

I know that kids love trick-or-treating, but this is a fun trick-or-treat alternative. 

Another great idea is to have an indoor trick-or-treat scavenger hunt as well. It is a fun way to hide Halloween candy at home while your kids use clues to find their prizes.

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  1. Leah says

    Scavenger hunts are such a fun activity. I think this is perfect for Halloween this year since everyone can keep their distance while still having fun. I love all the Halloween alternatives I’m seeing so that we can keep the fun of the holiday! 🎃👻 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Gwen says

    This is a brilliant way to save Halloween! Scavenger Hunts are so much fun and this still gets everyone outside and having a good time. Love it!

  3. Carrie Pankratz says

    This is great. We do something similar but compete with our friends in a photo scavenger hunt to see who can find the specified decorations. I hadn’t thought about getting candy for each one you find. Great idea!

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