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101 Fun & Free Activities For Kids

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Are you looking for free things to do with kids?

Here are over 100 fun things to do with kids at home or around town, that are completely FREE.


Free Things To Do With Kids

Nowadays with all the kids demanding screen-time, many parents are looking for better ways to entertain their children.

Sometimes the best solution is just using our good ol’ imaginations.

Fun Things To Do Without Spending Money

If you are wanting to find fun things to do with kids without spending money then think back to when you were a kid.

What are some of your best memories as a child? It was probably something simple that didn’t cost a penny. 

Sometimes it’s the simple things like going swimming at a lake or going on nature walks, that make the best memories. 

Free Activities For Kids Today

Kids need more memories and fewer things.

We spend enough money on our kids from extracurricular activities to expensive toys.

These fun kids’ activities will help you spend quality time with your kiddos without breaking the bank.

Let these free things to do with your kids help you engage in fun conversations strengthening your bond.

101 Free and Fun Activities for Kids


free things to do with kids

Here is a whole list of creative FREE activities for kids to have fun and build lasting memories!

These fun activities for kids are the perfect frugal hack for money-saving moms and frugal families.

Fun Things To Do With Kids At Home

1. Make cookies.

2. Have a water balloon fight.

3. Make slime.

4. Play hide-n-seek.

5. Make up silly songs.

6. Build a blanket fort.

7. Tell your kids funny stories about when you were a kid.

8. Get out the photo album.

9. Make smoothies.

10. Do yoga together.

11. Make jewelry out of dried macaroni and yarn.

12. Skate around your house in your socks, or if you have carpet use something smooth and slick like paper plates.

13. Put on some good music and do the conga line all-around your house.

14. Have a dance-off.

15. Put make-up on each other.

16. Make milkshakes.

17. Make musical instruments.

18. Put on a play.

19. Make a fun edited movie, most of us have iMovie on our phones.

20. Do a puzzle.

21. Have a movie marathon.

22. Color in a coloring book.

23. Create an obstacle course.

23. Spin a globe, pick a place, then research it together.

24. Have a tea party.

25. Paint rocks.

26. Draw portraits of each other.

27. Make origami.

28. Finger paint.

29. Teach them a new card game.

30. Play hopscotch.

31. Make a scavenger hunt.

32. Play dress-up.

33. Make a new dessert together.

34. Draw a family tree.

35. Make shadow puppets.

36. Play I Spy.

37. Play freeze tag.

38. If you have enough people, play red rover.

39. Jump rope.

40. Teach them a hand clap.

41. Play hot hands.

42. Play rock, paper, scissors.

43. Thumb wrestle.

44. Spell out words on each other’s backs and try to guess them.

45. Make art with sidewalk chalk.

46. Make a drum circle using pots and wooden spoons.

47. Make hot chocolate.

48. Tell ghost stories.

49. Ask some of these fun questions for kids.

50. Play Mad-libs.

51. Play M.A.S.H.

52. Create things using cardboard boxes, use your imagination.

53. Play with playdoh.

54. Do the hokey-pokey.

55. Make up line dances.

56.  Do a science experiment.

57. Have a watergun fight.

58. Build a ramp for toy cars.

59. Have a whip cream eating contest.

60. Play a board game.

61. Make a scrapbook.

62. Play school, and let them be the teacher.

63. Make homemade popsicles.

64. Make a guess-who game using pictures of family members and friends.

65. Build legos.

66. Make giant bubbles.

Free Activities For Kids Near Me

67. Google “free activities for kids near me” to see if there are festivals or outdoor plays.

68. Go to the park.

69. Feed ducks at a pond.

70. Visit the animal shelter.

71. Go for a walk together around your neighborhood.

72. Take your kids on a tour of your hometown.

73. Visit a nursing home.

74. Visit a relative.

75. Go on a hike.

76. Play in a stream.

77. Talk a walk identifying different plants.

78. Bird watch together.

79. Go to the library.

80. Watch for airplanes.

81. Imitate bird sounds.

82. Pick wild flowers.

83. Plant seeds from something you eat, like an apple or tomato.

84. Catch fireflies, or as we call them in the South, lightning bugs.

85. Watch for shooting stars.

86. Ride bikes together.

87. Make a fairy garden.

88. Plant a flower garden.

89. Plant a tree.

90. Fly a kite.

91. Search for different bugs.

92. Make a mud-pie.

93. Visit a community garden.

94. Visit a free museum.

95. Hula hoop.

96. Visit a fire station.

97. Start a rock collection.

98. Have a camp out in your backyard.

99. Go swimming.

100. Play kickball.

101. Roast marshmallows and make smores.

Free Things To Do With Kids

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Thursday 25th of June 2020

Thank you so much!! These ideas are amazing!! I appreciate everything you share!!

[email protected]

Wednesday 4th of March 2020

So many great ideas! It's refreshing how many memories can be made without spending money :)

Yemi King

Tuesday 3rd of March 2020

Great, my daughter would love number 2 and 3 but I'm too OCD! I love the list I will try out a few!

Patricia Turk

Tuesday 3rd of March 2020

Love having free fun with my kids! Thanks for this awesome list! My kids and I are out in the backyard a lot during the nice months and inside baking and crafting during the cold months :)


Tuesday 3rd of March 2020

This is actually a really great list! Family time is so important!

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