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100+ Self-Care Ideas For Moms To Avoid Burnout

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100+ Self-care ideas for moms to avoid burnout!

Self-care for busy moms to have more energy, more patience, and more joy to be the mom you want them to remember.

Sometimes we need to take just 5 minutes for ourselves to help be better moms!

Self Care Ideas For Moms


Moms are always on call. Truth is, we barely even have time to go to the bathroom. 

So making time for self-care may seem like a fantasy but it is necessary to avoid burnout. 

Several years ago, I went to a parenting seminar that had many speakers talking about how we can be better parents. 

One tip that really resonated with me was that we need to take care of ourselves so we can be better parents.

When you are flying on an airplane the flight attendant always reminds us to “put on your oxygen mask first, before helping anyone else, including your child”.

Now as moms we think we should put on our child’s mask first, but how can be there to help our child if we pass out. 

So think of mom self-care as putting on your oxygen mask.

Self Care For Busy Moms To Avoid Burnout

We take care of our families 24/7!

Moms put their family first, it’s just what we do.

According to a recent survey, 78% of moms put off taking care of themselves because they are so busy taking care of their families.

It is essential that we make time and find some mom self-care hacks that will help us replenish our energy to be better moms. 

Remember, it is not selfish to take some time for ourselves when we give so much of ourselves to our family.

Your family needs a mom who is emotionally & physically replenished.

If you are not taking care of yourself, then no one else around you can be properly taken care of.  

I get it, you are probably shaking your head saying you know you need to take better care of your self but you just don’t have the time. 

Being a mom of three, I totally understand having no time. 

However, our self-care needs to be as much a priority as taking care of our family. 

We need to do something every day that brings us joy, even if it is just listening to our favorite song. 

When we take a little time for ourselves to do something we enjoy, then we have more patience and energy to give to our children. 

You are the rock of your family!

Remember taking care of yourself, is taking care of your family!

Self Care Ideas For Moms

100+ Ideas Of Self Care For Busy Moms

Some self-care ideas for moms to avoid burnout. Try to do something every day for yourself so you can be the mom you want them to remember.

1. Start a journal just to write down your thoughts and emotions.

2. Enjoy a hot drink.

3. Go outside and feel the sunlight.

4. Have a date night with your hubby.

5. Go to a “Paint & Wine” class.

6. Snuggle with your kids.

7. Call your Mom.

8. Text your best friend.

9. Look at the stars.

10. Drop the kids off with the grandparents for a couple of hours for some time for yourself.

11. Give yourself a facial.

12. Get a massage.

13. Do yoga (even with your toddler). Check out Cosmic Yoga on YouTube.

14. Have a glass of wine.

15. Have a spa day at home with your kids.

16. Start giving yourself daily affirmations.

17. Create a vision board.

18. Log out of ALL social media.

19. Read a good book!

20. Get a professional mani/pedi. 

21. Give yourself a pedicure while giving the kids a bath.

22. Take a walk with your kids.

23. Buy a new outfit.

24.  Take a nap (I know that is a tough one, try to get your kids to take a nap with you if that’s your only option).

25. Watch funny videos with your kids.

26. Buy yourself flowers.

27. Make a hair appointment.

28. Dance in the kitchen.

29. Color with your kids because coloring can be so relaxing. Or print out an adult coloring page.

30. Get yourself a delicious iced coffee.

31. Go out for dessert.

32. Build a she-shed. Or just have a special place for you to relax, even it’s just a comfy chair and warm throw in your room.

Self Care For Moms

33. Make a craft.

34. Plant a flower garden.

35. Look at an old photo album.

36. Sing in the shower or sing in the car. Sing your favorite song, even if it is from the ’90s!

37. Plan a girls’ night.

38. Have a day date with your kids doing something fun like a trampoline park or visiting a nature preserve.

39. Start a gratitude journal. This is the one I use, it has daily prompts that have positively impacted my mindset.

40. Go for a walk with a friend.

41. Go to a fitness class.

42. Start a new hobby.

43. Get your family organized, so you can have more time for yourself. I use the family organizer app Cozi because it’s FREE!

44. Eat a really good, fresh salad.

45. Go for a drive by yourself.

46. Wake up earlier than your family, for some alone time to enjoy your coffee or tea in peace.

47. Think positive.

48. Show yourself the love you show others.

49. Make a playlist of your favorite songs.

Mom Self Care

50. Declutter a room in your house. I know it sounds like work, but the pay off will feel good! Try this clutter-free guide.

51. Diffuse essential oils. My favorite scent that makes me feel uplifted is Happy Joy.

52. Buy new makeup. 

53. Write your favorite quote on a sticky note and put it on your bedroom mirror.

54. Talk about a fun memory with your kids. Laughing with your children is just good for the soul.

55. Ask your kids some fun questions to get to know them better. Start with this list of 101 fun questions.

56. Pray. 

57. Add some house plants to your home decor. There are a lot of stress-relieving benefits to having indoor plants. My choice is succulents because they thrive even when you forget about them.

58. Stretch. You will be amazed at how you feel after a good stretch.

59. Have some chocolate.

60. Learn a new skill. Creative Live offers FREE online classes all the time for things like photography and writing.

61. Listen to an uplifting podcast.

62. Watch a motivational Ted Talk. I love this one. She asks such a good question, “How far do we expect a car to go on an empty tank of gas?”

63. Watch the sunset.

64. Do a random act of kindness.

65. Cook your favorite comfort meal.

66. Plan a weekend getaway with your love.

67. Go to a movie.

68. Go to an outdoor concert. 

69. Watch your favorite movie, even if is the 22nd time.

70. Take some deep breaths.

71. Learn to say “no” to all the things you don’t want to do. 

72. See a therapist. There is nothing wrong with staying on top of your mental health.

73. Try a meditation app.

74. Write down 3 things you are thankful for.

75. Write down 3 of your best accomplishments.

76. Enjoy nature.

77. Pick some flowers.

78. Eat some fruit.

79. Make a smoothie.

80. Sit by a fire with your love.

81. Make a margarita.

82. Use a sugar scrub on your body.

83. Take vitamins and probiotics to feel your best. 

84. While at the library with your kids, check out a good book for yourself as well.

85. Get dressed up in an outfit that makes you look and feel fabulous, even if the only place you go is the grocery store.

86. Have a dance party with your kids. 

87. Do a social media detox where you delete and unfollow all the negative and fake people.

88. Put down a blanket in your back yard and look up at the sky with your kids.

89. Play a board game.

90. Soak in an Epson salt bath, it is very detoxifying.

91. Start a scrapbook.

92. Have a good cry if you need to. Releasing emotions is good for you.

93. Buy new shoes.

94. Get fitted for the right size bra and buy a really comfortable one. 

95. Take pictures of beautiful things that inspire you.

96. Join a book club.

97. Start a nighttime beauty routine.

98. Take your laptop to the coffee shop and enjoy a latte while you catch up on your emails.

99. Have a sitter exchange with a close friend where she watches your kids one afternoon so you can have some “me” time, and you do the same for her another day.

100. Listen to an audiobook.

101. Make a list of all the things you loved doing before becoming a Mom that you would still like to do. Choose your favorite thing and do it!

Self Care Tips For Moms

Let go of the mom guilt and show yourself the love you show your family.

Taking care of yourself is essential to being a good mom.

This list is just something to help you get started in taking a little time for yourself every day. 

Don’t stop here, check out the Smart Mom Resources or the Shop for more self-care ideas!

Plus, you can sign up for new Mom Hacks to be sent to your inbox monthly.

That’s right just once a month because we barely have time for anything as is, so spamming your inbox is a guaranteed NO.

Do you have any mom hacks that you use to help you find more time for self-care? What are your favorite things to do that “fill your cup”? PLEASE let me know in the comments 🙂

Moms Helping Moms! Share The Love!


Thursday 14th of May 2020

I loved reading this list! I want to do them all today!! Ha! I pinned it so I can refer back often or when I’m feeling down. I was able to do many of these last weekend which was very refreshing (like a couple of date nights)!! Thank you for the ideas! I’m doinga declutter challenge and it feels great!


Thursday 14th of May 2020

Those are really great ideas we take care of our families and sometimes we push our own self care aside. Thanks for sharing


Monday 11th of May 2020

Great tips! Taking care of our bodies is so important. Thanks for sharing!

Amanda Kerr

Saturday 9th of May 2020

Wow, these are all amazings tips! I love that you mentioned turn off social media! We do tend to waste a lot of time on there when we could be focusing on ourselves!

Carletta Shannon

Friday 8th of May 2020

This is a fantastic list. I will be printing it out and hanging it out somewhere. I need to do more of these things.

Be sure to check out the SMART MOM RESOURCES page for more parenting hacks and tips!