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Valentine Origami Bookmark Heart Corner Craft

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Looking for a fun and creative Valentine’s Day craft that your kids can make?

Try making Valentine’s origami heart corner bookmarks!

An easy-to-follow step-by-step heart bookmark origami tutorial.


origami heart corner bookmark


This craft is easy to make and requires minimal materials.

Plus, it’s a great way to get your kids excited about Valentine’s Day.

With just some colorful paper, scissors and tape, your kids can create beautiful bookmarks they can use or give away as gifts!

Heart Bookmark Origami Valentine’s Day Craft For Kids


step by step heart corner bookmark


Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to get creative with your kids!

This Valentine’s origami heart corner bookmark craft is a great way to show your little ones how much you love them.

Origami is fun, and it helps build children’s skills. 

It’s a fun and easy activity that will keep them busy and entertained while they learn the basics of origami.

Plus, they can use their finished heart corner bookmarks as a reminder of your love all year round!

With just a few simple steps, your kids can create beautiful origami hearts that make perfect Valentine’s Day gifts or decorations.

So grab some paper and prepare for Valentine’s Day fun with this origami bookmark heart corner craft for kids!


origami bookmark

Step By Step Heart Corner Bookmark 

Materials Needed:

  • red or pink origami paper (you may also use cartolina or construction paper)
  • scissors
  • tape

How To Make An Origami Heart Corner Bookmark

1. Cut your paper into a sized 7×7 perfect square.


origami heart corner bookmark


2. Fold the square paper lengthwise and cut it to make two rectangular pieces. 


origami heart corner bookmark


3. Fold the paper again lengthwise.


fold origami heart



4. Fold the paper in half in the middle. Open it to see the crease in the middle.


folding origami heart



5. Fold one side of the paper up against the folded line.


how to fold an origami heart corner


how to make an origami heart corner bookmark


6. Do the same fold with the other side.


origami heart



7. Flip your paper over and put clear tape on it to hold the folds together.


tape origami heart corner bookmark


8. Fold down the upper part of the paper. 


fold down top of origami heart



9. Fold the left and right corners of both sides.


origami heart tutorial


origami heart corner


10. Now, flip your origami heart bookmark over! You are now ready to slip your 


origami heart corner bookmark


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valentine origami heart corner bookmark

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