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Would You Rather Christmas Edition For Kids (FREE Printable)

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Fun Christmas Would You Rather Questions for kids to get into the holiday spirit!

Plus, free printable would you rather cards for the perfect gift for students, friends, grandchildren and more!


Would You Rather Christmas Edition

Asking would you rather holiday questions will keep kids busy and having fun throughout the yuletide season.
Plus, we have free printable Christmas would you rather cards so the kids can take their game on car rides, class parties, or any holiday event.
Christmas would you rather questions

Would You Rather Questions For Kids Christmas Version

Would you rather drink hot chocolate

or drink apple cider?


Would you rather have an elf as a best friend

or a reindeer as a pet?


Would you rather shovel snow all day

or pick up reindeer poop?


Would you rather have ten small gifts

or one big gift?


Would you rather have a snowball head

or a Christmas ornament head?


Would you rather laugh like Santa

or speak like an elf?


Would you rather have a snowy Christmas

or a beach Christmas?


Would you rather open gifts on Christmas Eve

or Christmas morning?


Would you rather go sledding

or go ice skating?


Would you rather eat s’mores all day

or eat candy canes all day?


Would you rather have elf ears

or a red reindeer nose?


Would you rather wear a Santa suit

or an Elf outfit to school?


Would you rather have a snowball fight

or an apple pie fight?


Would you rather swim in a pool

or warm cocoa or a pool of eggnog?


Would you rather build a snowman

or a build a gingerbread house?


Would you rather receive socks as a gift

or receive a dictionary?


Would you rather be one of Santa’s elves

or one of Santa’s reindeer?


Would you rather have gumdrops for eyes

or candy canes for legs?


Would your rather smell like peppermint

or smell like gingerbread?


Would you rather live in a gingerbread house

or at the North Pole?


Would you rather watch Christmas movies all day

or go Christmas shopping all day?


Would you rather cook a big Christmas meal

or clean up afterward?


Would you rather wear Christmas pajamas

or an ugly Christmas sweater?


Would you rather only get one present

or only get a filled stocking?


Would You Rather Questions For Kids

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Christmas Would You Rather Free Printable

If you had fun with these Christmas Would You Rather Questions, we have a sweet treat for our readers!

Free printable Would You Rather cards!

These can be printed off and used for all of your Christmas gatherings!

The kids will love them. 

These Would You Rather Christmas Edition Cards have a printable card holder to keep the cards in.

It is the perfect stocking stuffer or classroom gift!


Christmas would you rather card holder


Christmas Would You Rather Cards

You can download these Would You Rather Christmas Free Printables from our Resource Library.

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