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All About My Dad Free Printable Worksheet

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“All About My Dad” Free Printable Worksheet For Kids!

A fun Father’s Day questionnaire that makes a memorable FREE keepsake gift. 


All About My Dad Free Printable


Father’s Day is always the third Sunday in June. 

My kids and I got a kick out of their answers on their “All About My Mom” worksheet.

So, we are looking forward to filling out their “All About My Dad” worksheet. 

A Father’s Day questionnaire is a fun and free gift for dads. 

So, on this Father’s Day, print out the “All About My Dad” free printable and see what fun answers your kids give!

All About My Dad – Father’s Day Questions

Kids say some pretty funny things, especially when they are young.

Let dad get a good laugh out of what his little buddies have to say about him.

This dad questionnaire includes:

  • questions about Dad’s favorite things
  • a frame for kids to paste their favorite picture of dad or draw their own portrait
  • questions to describe what Dad looks like
  • and the best part is an area for kids to explain why they love their dad

These questions about Dad encourage kids to use their imaginations and provide opportunities for them to tell their dad how much they love him.

This Father’s Day questionnaire will make the perfect keepsake for kids to fill out every year.

All About My Dad Worksheet

My kids just filled this out for their dad, and I can’t wait for him to read their answers.

Kids can be so sweet and funny at the same time.

When asked, “What is Dad’s favorite food,” our daughter wrote, “Anything mom cooks.”

I helped our toddler fill out his worksheet, when I asked, “What is dad’s job” he said, “he is a fixer – my daddy can fix anything”. 

I know my husband will love all of their funny answers and some of them will melt his heart. 

This All About My Dad printable is the perfect Father’s Day keepsake gift.

It can be printed out every year for your kids to fill out.

Then you can look back at how their answers change as they grow older. 

All About My Dad Free Printable

All About My Dad Father's Day Printable

This Father’s Day, use this “All About My Dad” free printable to surprise Dad!

It is completely free for my email subscribers (just signup here), and find them in the FREE Resource Library

For a little added pizazz, once your child has answered all the questions about dad, you can frame it for a special gift. 

Our family will print these out every year and keep them in our kids’ keepsake box of memories. 

I didn’t want to forget all the wonderful grandfathers this Father’s Day, so there is a special added bonus “All About My Grandpa” printable worksheet as well!

Wishing all the amazing dads a very Happy Father’s Day!

I hope you enjoy reading your kid’s answers to questions about dad!

If you enjoyed asking your kid fun questions, don’t forget to check out this list of 101 Fun Questions To Ask Kids!

Let me know in the comments all the wonderful things your kids had to say about Dad!

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Thursday 20th of May 2021

Great ideas and would be very interesting to read the answers, even years later.

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