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101 “What Am I” Animal Riddles With Answers

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101 fun animal riddles with answers for kids and adults.

These What Am I Riddles are fun brain teasers that everyone will enjoy!


animal riddles with answers


Kids are very curious, so it is important to find ways to keep them engaged.

Asking riddles provide an excellent opportunity for children to exercise their minds and use their creativity.

What Am I Riddles for kids help them with problem-solving skills, improve their vocabulary, and encourage kids to use their imagination.

Rhyming riddles even help build memorization skills. 

What Are Some Animal Riddles?

Animal riddles can be used as an ice-breaker, or to teach children about animals.

Riddles about animals are a fun educational game that challenges you to think about the characteristics of each animal.

Here are some fun riddles on animals with answers that will entertain kids and adults alike.

Some of these animal riddles are easy, some are hard and some will make you laugh.

What Am I Riddles (Animals)

1. You can teach me to fetch or even sit.

I am often a happy, furry household pet.

What am I?

Answer: dog


2. Shedding my skin is part of what I do.

In the grass, I slither fast.

With or without a rattler, I will still scare you!

What am I?

Answer: snake


3. I have long, thick hair and a sturdy frame.

I resemble a moose and a cow, but we aren’t the same.

If you talk a lot, you definitely know my name!

What am I?

Answer: yak


4. With my pointy ears, I like to jump around in the grass.

Around springtime, I’m full of sass!

Whether white or brown.

Some believe I bring a basket when I come to town.

What am I?

Answer: rabbit


5. I cannot see because I don’t have eyes.

If digging a garden, you will probably come across me in the dirt.

You can pick me up because I won’t hurt!

What am I?

Answer: worm


6. You may think I’m cute with my black and white fur.

But don’t be fooled, I will cause a stink if provoked.

So, if you’re looking for a stinker, I’m the one!

What am I?

Answer: skunk


7. Most of the time, I am pink.

In the mud, I sometimes sink.

With my tail so curly on the farm.

My oink doesn’t mean to cause any harm.

What am I?

Answer: pig


8. Everyone is buzzing and it’s all about me!

You may love my honey, but you will hate my sting!

What am I?

Answer: bee


9. You probably know me as a bird who stands for strength and power.

Because I’ve been the national bird of the United States since 1782.

I have 20/5 vision which is probably sharper than yours!

What am I?

Answer: bald eagle


10. I like to run across power lines and climb trees.

With my fluffy tail, eating nuts is what humans see.

What am I?

Answer: squirrel


11. I can live in your house or even a park.

If I am hungry or scared, I tend to bark.

What am I?

Answer: dog


12. How much wood could I peck if I could peck wood?

With my tongue twice as long as my beak, I chuck wood with these parts because I don’t have teeth!

What am I?

Answer: woodpecker


13. I like to hibernate for the winter.

I eat other animals for dinner.

Whether I am black, white, or brown people always get scared when I come around!

What am I?

Answer: bear


14. With my hard shell, I am slow wherever I go!

And if I am scared, my head won’t show.

What am I?

Answer: turtle


15. I live down deep in the ocean.

My 8 tentacles always cause a commotion!

What am I?

Answer: octopus


16. When I am young, they call me a pony.

Sometimes people race me to win lots of money.

What am I?

Answer: horse


17. In the grass, I like to graze.

Getting milked in the barn, with the farmer is how I spend my days.

What am I?

Answer: cow


18. With my shaggy fur, gigantic head, and massive horn.

I am the largest mammal in North America.

What am I?

Answer: bison


19. I have a long tail and live on a farm.

I jump up high when I think there’s harm.

What am I?

Answer: horse


20. When I’m a baby, they call me a doe.

But then I’m called a buck when I grow.

What am I?

Answer: deer


Animal riddles with answers


Guess The Animal Riddle


21. On my front, I have a pouch.

Hopping around Australia is what I’m all about.

What am I?

Answer: Kangaroo


22. I like to hoot, mostly out and about at night.

My big, round eyes are quite a sight!

What am I?

Answer: owl


23. I may look like a horse, but we are different species.

Some call me dumb, but that’s not true.

I’m in the movie Shrek, I’m familiar to you!

What am I?

Answer: donkey


24. I once was a caterpillar, but not anymore.

With my beautiful wings, in the air, I soar!

What am I?

Answer: butterfly


25. Roaming the grasslands in Africa, with my black and white stripes.

My beauty is quite a site!

What am I?

Answer: zebra


26. I can curl up in a hard, protective ball.

I can grow up to 5 feet tall!

Who am I?

Answer: armadillo


27. The tallest animal on the planet.

My long, black tongue can grow up to 18 inches when I stick it out!

But my long neck is what I am really all about.

What am I?

Answer: giraffe


28. I am found on land, but mostly in freshwater.

When I stick to your body, I become a bother.

My 10 pairs of eyes are a big surprise!

What am I?

Answer: leech


29. A happy sociable animal living my life in the ocean.

You may think of me as all gray in color, but I actually can have blocks of black, white, or even yellow.

What am I?

Answer: dolphin


30. Storing water in my large hump, I can live in my desert home without it for up to 10 months!

With less than 1,000 of my kind found in the world, I am an endangered species to the animals of the wild.

What am I?

Answer: camel


31. I love flying around in the sky at night.

If you see my black wings flapping, it will cause quite a fright.

What am I?

Answer: bat


32. Some think I am a kangaroo, but I am not!

I am a lot smaller and my teeth are flatter so I can eat leaves.

What am I?

Answer: wallaby


33. I like to chew on wood.

It’s how I build my neighborhood.

With my flat tail and webbed feet, I use my sharp teeth when I eat!

What am I?

Answer: beaver


34. I am not a squirrel, but we are in the same family and we both love eating nuts!

I don’t know of Alvin, Simon, or Theodore, but they could be long-lost cousins!

Who am I?

Answer: chipmunk


35. I can be ridden, just add a saddle.

But if there’s a storm, I jump high ready to battle.

What am I?

Answer: horse


Riddles For Kids


36. I may look like a chimpanzee or gorilla, but I am not.

I can be found in Africa or Asia and sometimes in zoos.

Wherever I may be, I love climbing trees!

I share the same blood as humans is a fact about me!

What am I?

Answer: ape


37. With tough, wrinkly skin in the cold waters of the Artic Circle is where I call home.

I have a long body and even a tail.

My long tusks are used for fighting and digging into the ice to get myself up out of the water.

What am I?

Answer: walrus


38. I live on land and in the water.

With my 2 sets of eyelids.

I live where the weather is hotter.

What am I?

Answer: alligator


39. I once was a tadpole, but not anymore.

There are around 7,000 species of me in the world!

What am I?

Answer: frog


40. My family first evolved millions of years ago!

If you are very hyper and like to dance, they say you may have many of these in your pants.

What am I?

Answer: ant


41. Milking me is what humans do.

You won’t ever find me living in a zoo!

What am I?

Answer: cow


42. I have a red body with black spots.

I am a beetle, not a bug.

So please don’t sweep my small body under the rug!

What am I?

Answer: ladybug


43. Without a brain, I live in the deep sea.

I will sting with my tentacles if you come near me!

What am I?

Answer: jellyfish


44. A bird with a long neck, plump body, and humped bill.

That’s what you see when looking at me.

To spell my plural name, you must change the o’s to e’s.

If you are a silly one then we can relate!

What am I?

Answer: goose


45. You might picture me pink, on the farm, rolling in the mud, and fat.

But with my curly tail, I’m more than that!

What am I?

Answer: pig


46. When you see me, you might mistake me for a moose.

We are very similar with our long antlers and large bodies.

Who am I?

Answer: elk


47. You may mistake me for a snake, but I have my own unique name.

With my long slender body, I can be very dangerous!

I love living my best life in the ocean!

What am I?

Answer: eel


48. Over 80% of my time is spent resting or sleeping.

I love to eat from the eucalyptus tree.

You can even use my fingerprints to identify me!

What am I?

Answer: Koala bear


49. I come into your home looking for shelter and food.

With my tiny body, I scare humans more than I should!

What am I?

Answer: mouse

Animal Riddles With Answers


What Am I Riddles For Kids


50. I am a large unique cat found all around the world.

But being black in color, in the dark night I may startle you.

What am I?

Answer: panther


51. Although you may consider me a small ocean animal, I can actually live in any type of water.

You will see that I am white or brown with an outer shell and ten legs.

I stay away from humans because they love to eat me!

If you are very short, you definitely know my name!

What am I?

Answer: shrimp


52. Down on the farm, I like to lay eggs.

With my rounded appearance, I’m a squat bird that humans like to eat!

If you are scared to do something, my name you will know!

What am I?

Answer: Chicken


53. If you are looking for a bird that can entertain, that would be me!

I enjoy talking but be very careful cause I like to repeat.

What am I?

Answer: parrot


54. I am very similar to an alligator, but I am much bigger!

My snout is more pointed and shaped like a “V.”

While the alligator’s snout is shaped like a “U.”

You could remember the difference between him and me, by saying that he’s the letter “u” and I’m the letter “v.”

What am I?

Answer: crocodile


55. I have multiple stomachs and 2 toes.

With my long legs, I am a bird that doesn’t fly.

However, most humans think I am a cool guy!

Who am I?

Answer: ostrich


56. Using my wings, I fly high in the sky.

I use twigs, grass, and leaves to build nests.

I love eating seeds and worms using my beak.

The sound that I make is, “tweet-tweet.”

What am I?

Answer: bird


57. I am not what you might call a beautiful animal, but a member of the dog family who hunts at night.

You may mistake me for a jackal or even a wolf.

But I am smaller and a pest in the city!

What am I?

Answer: fox


58. I am a male chicken.

When I wake you on the farm, you will come out of the bed kickin’!

What am I?

Answer: rooster


59. I am very blue.

But I’m not sad, it’s just my color.

I am a very special beautiful bird because of my amazing tail feathers.

What am I?

Answer: peacock


Who Am I Riddles Animals


60. I am a large bird with a bald head and a big sharp beak.

I might seem disgusting by eating dead creatures off the road, but it’s how I survive I have you know!

Who am I?

Answer: vulture


61. I am quite a cool bear in a league of my own.

You will find that I am so special type of bear because I am white.

Living in the ice fields in the Artic Ocean is where I find delight!

Who am I?

Answer: Polar bear


62. I might look like a wolf, but I’m much smaller.

I have gray or brown fur, known for being sneaky and tricky to people.

Who am I?

Answer: coyote


63. Hopping in the grass is how I got my name!!!

Being an insect that’s my game!

Who am I?

Answer: grasshopper


64. Right now, I look like a fuzzy worm roaming on the ground.

But soon I will be a moth or a beautiful butterfly flapping my wings around!

Who am I?

Answer: caterpillar


65. With a long slender body and little black spots, a normal friendly cat, that I am not!

But the fastest mammal on the planet, that I am!

Who am I?

Answer: Cheetah


66. I’m not what’s growing on your head, but instead, I’m a large rabbit looking to be fed.

But my big ears and ability to run further make me different than a rabbit.

With longer muscle fibers, I’m a long-distance runner.

Who am I?

Answer: hare


67. I am one of the coolest lizards changing colors with my surroundings!

In the warmer weather is probably where you’ll find me!

Who am I?

Answer: Chameleon


68. I usually walk or swim sideways.

I have ten legs, five on each side of my body.

If you come looking for me on a trip to the beach, be very careful because you might get an unwanted pinch from me!

Who am I?

Answer: crab


69. There are so many types of me living in different bodies of water.

I come in different shapes and sizes, but I always have scales.

Using my gills to breathe, is what I do well!

Who am I?

Answer: fish


70. I am a pretty cool animal like no other.

I am very big and you can’t help but notice my large ears and big tusks.

Please don’t try to pack your clothes in my large trunk!

Who am I?

Answer: elephant


71. I’m a different type of bird, one that swims and cannot fly!

On the ice or in the water, in my tuxedo, I’m a very cool guy!

Who am I?

Answer: Penguin


Animal riddles


Hard Animal Riddles


72. A black, eight-legged animal that can live anywhere on Earth.

I can be very tiny or very large measuring a foot across.

When humans see me, they always seem to freak out!

But building my webs to catch my prey is what I’m all about!

What am I?

Answer: spider


73. I am probably considered the scariest animal in the ocean.

But I’m actually so cool that they gave me my own week!

Seeing my teeth, you will surely freak!

What am I?

Answer: shark


74. I live in the water, but my flippers allow me to also live on land.

Although you may think I am a seal, my ear flaps make me different.

I am not a roaring cat with a tail as my name seems to suggest!

What am I?

Answer: sea lion


75. A large mammal with horns and hooves as my shoes.

With my great size and strength, I’ve been around for many years to carry carts, wagons, and heavy loads.

No longer in the wild, I’m found with humans doing lots of work.

Sometimes people may call me dumb, but I definitely am not.

If you are very strong, you are given my great name!

What am I?

Answer: ox


76. When you see me with my thick fur and whiskers, you may assume I’m an animal who lives where it is dry.

But I actually make my home in the water and on land!

Slim, short, and fast are words often used to describe me.

I often live-in dens built by the beavers.

What am I?

Answer: otter


77. I have two black eyes, a black beak, dark legs, and solid black feathers.

A dead animal on a roadway is my favorite type of dinner!

Sometimes people mistake me for a raven because we are extremely similar.

If you know the noise roosters make early in the morning, then you’ve guessed who I am.

What am I?

Answer: crow


78. Eating bananas and climbing trees are two things I do the best.

I’m a funny animal who likes to entertain.

I use my long tail to swing from tree to tree.

Apes and chimpanzees are cousins to me!

What am I?

Answer: Monkey


79. They say if you are playing dead, then you are being me.

I play dead to keep from getting eaten.

I am a furry creature who resembles a rat.

I like to come out at night and you may find me in your trash.

What am I?

Answer: possum


80. My short, stocky legs help hold up my enormous, gray barrel-shaped body.

I can be identified by my enormous jaws and 2 long teeth called tusks.

You might see me getting cool out in the water or I could be on hanging out land if you take an African safari.

What am I?

Answer: hippopotamus


81. I can be recognized by my red throat that has red wattles.

Or even by my beautiful, often colorful tail-feathers.

Unfortunately, on Thanksgiving, I’m what most people like to eat.

I know you will know my name when you hear me gobble.

What am I?

Answer: turkey


82. My horns are the first thing you will see if you approach me.

With a narrow body and a long, scraggly beard, after climbing a steep mountain, I may appear!

Some people call me Billy and if I’m a girl, they sometimes call me a nanny!

What am I?

Answer: goat


83. I am a scaly reptile that comes in all colors and sizes.

I patiently wait to sneak up on my prey and grab them by my long tongue so they can’t get away!

I have four eyes, a long tail, and moveable eyelids.

I’m a favorite around all of the kids.

I can be found on every continent except Antarctica.

What am I?

Answer: lizard


84. You may think I can be found in the nighttime sky because of my name.

However, my name was decided because of my shape.

I tend to move slowly and live on the ocean floor.

If you see me laying on the beach, please don’t try to take me home to keep.

Send me back to the ocean and let me survive!

What am I?

Answer: starfish


85. I am the reptile that sometimes is mistaken as a tortoise.

My hard, protective shell can be found in many different colors.

I hide my head and tail inside the shell if I’m feeling threatened.

If you see me slowly walking on the road, you’ll probably try to keep me as your pet.

If you move very slowly, you will definitely know my name!

Who am I?

Answer: turtle


86. Similar to a horse, camel, or even a donkey, my beautiful fur is very special to me!

Even humans like to use my soft fur for making clothing.

To spell my name, you will only use 3 letters: two l’s, two a’s, and an m.

What am I?

Answer: llama


87. I’m a large, sturdy, strong mammal who may appear clumsy.

However, I can run as fast as 35 miles per hour.

My hooves work like snowshoes in the cold, winter climates.

Some may think I am an elk or another type of deer, but looking at my flat, broad antlers my name is quite clear!

What am I?

Answer: moose


88. I’m a small fuzzy furry little guy with small beady eyes and a snout lined with whiskers.

Using my massive hands and sharp claws, I dig swiftly through the ground to build lots of complex tunnels that I use for storing food and nesting.

I’m quite the construction worker as some might say!

What am I?

Answer: mole


89. I’m known for being clingy by taking rides from animals and people.

My diet consists of sucking blood which makes me very creepy!

Brown or black in color, round, with 4 pairs of legs, and I have a very small head!

What am I?

Answer: tick


90. If you don’t tell the truth, then others may say you are my name.

Although I’m a cat, I am not tame.

I have a long beautiful tail with a tuft of longer fur on the end.

You will know I’m a male, but the mane of long hair around my face.

I am very fast and can win every race!

What am I?

Answer: lion


91. I am the 2nd largest animal in the world.

With my fat body, short legs, and short tail, but most importantly I have a horn in the middle of my face.

If you take a safari in Africa, you can’t miss me!

What am I?

Answer: rhinoceros


92. With a spiral shell attached to my head, moving slow like I just jumped out of bed.

I have a tube-like body with small eyes, the tentacles emerging from my head can cause quite a surprise.

If my shell is removed, I cannot survive!

What am I?

Answer: snail


Rhyming Riddles


93. With my bushy, ringed tail and black mask, digging in trash cans late at night is quite a task.

You will notice my pointed snout, wide skull, sharp teeth, and big hunched back.

I probably will look as if I’m about to attack!

What am I?

Answer: raccoon


94. I may appear to be a turtle, but we are just a tad bit different.

They have webbed feet, whereas my feet look like small elephant feet.

My shell is more rounded and complex than a turtle’s shell.

But both of us like to travel slowly, it never fails!

What am I?

Answer: tortoise


95. I’m annoying to humans, as I am bigger than a mouse.

You will definitely get scared if I’m caught living in your house.

My long, hairless tail is usually longer than my body.

This tail is interesting because it regulates the temperature of my body!

What am I?

Answer: rat


96. I’m a poky, prickly mammal.

The cactus animal you might say.

I use these quills to keep harmful predators away!

What am I?

Answer: porcupine


97. I can be ridden, just add a saddle.

But if there’s a storm, I jump high ready to battle.

What am I?

Answer: horse


98. Although I might look like a snail, I am not.

Their bodies are coiled, but my body is straight.

I prefer to live in damp places.

I can promise you that I won’t win any of the animal races!

What am I?

Answer: slug


99. I can be brown, black, or even white.

Hopping around the grass brings me such delight.

I’m quite popular with my long, pointy ears and soft, fuzzy fur.

But, you probably know me best for being around in the spring to bring smiles on Easter

What am I?

Answer: bunny


100. My feathers are pink because of the food I eat.

My S-shaped neck, curved beak, and long legs with webbed feet make me quite unique.

Walking eloquently with my long legs in different bodies of water,

you might mistake me for a model.

What am I?

Answer: flamingo


101. Flying around on a summer night,

you can’t miss me because I’m so bright.

Kids love to catch me and keep me in their jar.

But sometimes they forget me and I wonder where they are!

What am I?

Answer: firefly


Easy Riddles With Answers

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