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101 First Day Of School Questions To Ask Kids About School

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101 good first day of school questions to ask kids about school!

Back to school time can be a stressful time for parents and children alike.

It is important to ask kids questions about school to plan ahead and make sure they have a great school year!


first day of school questions to ask kids about school


Whether your child is starting preschool or they are starting the first day of their senior year of college, the first days of school are always memorable!

The first day of school is filled with so many procedures, emotions, expectations, ideas, and even fears.

You wonder and worry all day until the school day ends.

Although it may be easy to simply say, “tell me about your day” here are some specific back to school questions to ask your child to get an insight into their school day experience.

Not only do these specific first-day-of-school questions let your child know you really want to know how their day was, but it also allows you to determine your child’s needs, concerns, and fears
for the upcoming school year.

These questions are not only good for the first day of school, but for any school day!

These questions to ask kids about school can also be used by teachers.

Some of these are great questions of the day for students!

Many of these questions can be used for fun daily check-in questions for students.

Plus, in addition to this list of questions to ask kids about school, we have another list of fun questions to ask kids, that you can download!

So if you are looking for some good questions to ask students on the first day back at school, this list has over 100!


questions to ask kids about school


First Day Of School Questions

1. If you could give your first day a grade, what grade would it be?
(example: A,B,C,D,E)

2. Name one word that describes your day.

3. If you could change one thing about the day, what would it be?

4. When were you the happiest today?

5. Did you ever feel sad, scared, or worried?

6. Do you know where you would go if there was a fire at the school?

7. Did you learn any procedures if a bad person entered the

8. Did you get to see your friends from the previous school year?

9. Do you feel safe in your classroom and at your school?

First Day Of School Interview Questions

10. Who would you talk to if you had a problem or concern?

11. What are you most excited about learning this year?

12. What are you nervous/worried about this school year? (Maybe
a subject to master or other activity)

13. Do you feel comfortable asking and answering questions?

14. Are there any exciting activities planned for this school year?

15. Are there any materials/items that you will need to do your best
this school year?

16. Did you make any new friends?

17. Were any students left out or alone during free time? (This
allows you the chance to encourage friendships and make sure
all students have a friend)

18. If new to a school or if your child is just starting… Did your
classmates and teachers give you a warm welcoming feeling?

19. What was your favorite part of your first day of school?

20. What did they have for lunch today?

21. Who did you sit with at lunch?

22. How did you spend your recess time?

23. How did your day begin once school started in the morning?

24. What will you do in the morning when you get to school?

25. Where do you store your backpack and/or jacket? Do you have
a locker or a cubby in the classroom?

26. What type of teacher do you have? (strict, easy-going,

Back To School Questions

27. Will there be homework given nightly?

28. Do you have lunch with any other classes?

29. Do you have snack time?

30. Will you be using technology in your classroom?

31. How are the other students who sit near you?

32. Do you have desks or tables in your classroom?

33. What caught your eye when you first walked into the

34. Have your feelings about the school day changed from your
feelings before you went to school today?

35. What is the one thing you remember your teacher saying

36. Do you have any books for your class or classes?

37. Do any of your classmates need school supplies to help them
do their best?

38. Will you have Spelling (or any other subject) tests?

39. Does your class have a specific set of rules and expectations?

40. Did you have P.E. class?

41. Did you have a music class?

42. Did you have an art class?

43. When did you feel your best during the day?

44. When did you feel the most loved?

45. What brings you the most happiness?

46. If you had one wish for the school year, what would you wish

47. What was the hardest thing you had to do today?

48. Did any of your classmates do anything funny?

49. Do you think math is too easy or too hard?

50. Tell me about what you read in class?


back to school questions to ask kid about school

Questions To Ask Kids About School

51. What was the easiest thing you did today?

52. What was the hardest thing you did today?

53. Do you have a locker?

54. Do you have a locker partner?

55. What is one thing you wish you would have done differently

56. What is one thing you are looking forward to for tomorrow?

57. Were you tired during the day?

58. Who did you play with today?

59. Did you have any group work?

60. Did you have a hard time with any work you were given today?

61. What is the principal like?

62. Did they have any announcements in the morning?

63. What did you have for breakfast?

64. Did it feel like a short day?

65. What subject do you think you will like the most?

First Day Back To School Questions

66. Did your teacher read any books today?

67. What do you think your least favorite subject will be this year?

68. Did anyone have a hard time at school today?

69. Did you need help with anything today? If so, who helped you?

70. What made you laugh or smile today?

71. What strengths do you bring to your classroom?

72. What do you think was most challenging today?

73. What will be the most challenging part of this school year?

74. How many students are in your class?

75. Are there more boys or girls in your classroom?

76. What did you do in P.E. class?

77. Who do you think will be your favorite teacher this year?

78. Do you think you will like this school year or the last school year

79. What did you do in art class?

80. Did you meet the school counselor?


questions to ask kids about school

Questions To Ask Students

81. What did you do in music class?

82. How does your teacher greet you in the morning?

83. Were any of your classmates upset or scared today?

84. Did you learn anything interesting about your teacher?

85. What type of “get to know you” activities did you complete

86. Do you have a class pet?

87. Do you have a carpet area for read-alouds?

88. Was it quiet or loud in your classroom?

89. Did you feel welcomed today when you walked into the

90. What is something interesting that you found today?

91. What are the procedures for the end of the day?

92. Are there classroom jobs?

93. Was there a specific line leader?

94. If your child rides a bus….. Did you sit in the front or the back of
the bus?

95. If your child rides a bus… Did you feel comfortable on the bus
and know when to get off the bus?

96. Do you have an assigned seat in your classroom?

97. What do you do with the school supplies you brought from

98. Did your teacher share a wish list or give students paperwork to

99. Is there a teacher’s helper?

100. Does your teacher have a family he/she talked about today?
Did she share any other personal information?

101. What will you wear tomorrow or is there anything you need to
take tomorrow for class?

questions to ask kids about school


Questions To Ask About School

The back to school questions for kids are a way for parents and teachers to get a sense of how the children feel about going back to school.

This is also an opportunity for kids to express their feelings about something that they might not want to talk about in front of other people.

Parents and teachers use this question-and-answer style to get kids to think about their school experience.

Questions to ask kids about school are a great way for kids to reflect on their school day and get excited about their upcoming school year.

Don’t forget to ask some of these funny questions for kids every day throughout the school year!

Another fun way to celebrate the first day back to school is having kids fill out this fun first day back to school worksheet

You can find it FREE in the Resource Library, just sign up here.

What first day of school questions do you ask kids? Let me know in the comments!

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