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Shy Kids: How To Make Your Shy Child Confident

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8 simple ways on how to help a shy child build confidence.

Shyness in kids is pretty common but there are plenty of ways to help your child blossom.

Try some of these parenting tips on what to do and what not to do to help make your shy child more confident.


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If you’re looking for confidence boosters for shy kids, you’re in the right place.

Helping kids find their confidence can be a simple and healthy process and one that your child will grow from each and every year. 

We’re living in a time where the confidence of children is at an extremely low point.

Not only are they worried about the outside world and everything happening there but they’re also transitioning into phases in their life that are new and scary, too. 

Every passing day in your child’s life offers a chance for them to learn confidence, even if they’re overly shy.

And just because they’re shy doesn’t mean that they can’t find ways to increase and build their confidence as well. 

How can I help my child with extreme shyness?

If you have a child who is very shy, just know that you’re not alone.

This emotion is quite common for a wide variety and ages of children. 

The good news is, there is one big factor that each and every one of us can do.

You can be there emotionally and offer up your support. 

Yes, it is just that simple.

That is the perfect place to start.

If you have a child who is shy, the best way to help them through is to be there for them however they need you to be there. 

Listen to them when they talk, help them when they need help, answer their questions as they ask them, and just be their sounding board for all those shy moments in time. 

What Causes A Child To Be Shy?

While no one really knows for certain what causes shyness in children, there are a few things that could point to an answer.

Many times, children actually learn how to be shy from their parents or the surroundings that they’re living in. 

Although that is not always the case, because there are plenty of outgoing people who may have a shy baby or a shy toddler. 

Another option for children to become shy is when they’re not used to being around other people and just find more comfort in being alone at home or by being with just family members. 

None of these are negative but rather a couple of simple potential options on where shyness comes from in children. 

Now that you know the potential causes of shyness and how to help your child cope, let’s dive into a few other simple ways to boost confidence in kids. 


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8 Simple Ways To Help A Shy Child Build Confidence

Trying to increase confidence in your child can be done with simple steps and a gradual process.

Over time, you’ll start to notice big changes in how they view themselves and their ability to communicate with others, too. 

If you are searching for how to overcome shyness in a child, then these simple gestures will really help. 

Listen When They Talk

Talking over a child or not giving them a platform to talk is a fast way to keep their thoughts and voices silenced.

When they have something to say, let them speak and give them the floor to talk. 

Pay Attention

Whatever you’re doing in that current moment can wait.

If your child wants to tell you something or show you something, stop what you’re doing and give them the floor.

Make eye contact with them and don’t get distracted by anything else going on in the room or online, period. 

Show Them How You’re Confident

Since they look up to you, give them examples of how they can be confident.

This is as simple as pointing out examples that you got over your shyness and what you did to overcome those feelings and emotions as well. 

Don’t Feed Their Fears

Kids listen to everything that we say.

If we’re constantly talking about “scary” things or fears, they’re going to pick up on those vibes and have those same emotions, too.

How do we expect them not to? 

Watch your words carefully when you’re around them so that they get positive vibes and emotions instead of negative ones. 

Let Them Come To Their Own Conclusions

You can’t force a child to come to the same conclusion as you just because you want them to.

If you give them time, they’ll get there eventually on their own.

Talk to them about situations and how you’re not shy because of “this or that” and you’ll start to see the wheels spinning in their minds as well on how that can apply to them, too. 

Help Them Find A Hobby

All kids need a hobby. 

It can be as simple as playing an instrument, drawing, sports, baking, dancing, or basically anything that lets your child build confidence while doing something they enjoy.

Let your child try out different interests as a way of self-discovery. 

Don’t Yell At Your Kids

As parents, sometimes we lose our temper and yell, especially in those chaotic moments. 

It is something we all need to work on because yelling at kids is not good for them or us. 

If you have a shy kid, then yelling at them will just make them even more withdrawn. 

We have all been in those situations where we lose our temper, but if you want to really work on some positive parenting strategies that will help your kids listen without yelling then check out this FREE webinar

I watched it and it truly gave me an “aha” moment and taught me some parenting tricks that have helped me be a better mom. 

Never Shame A Shy Child

It is a mistake to always call a child shy or tell them to stop being shy.

It will make them feel ashamed of something that they really have no control over. 

Most shy kids want to be more outgoing and feel bad about being introverted. Don’t put more added pressure on them. 

It will cause more anxiety and stress, which will just add to more problems. 

Just continue to support your child and help them blossom in their own way. 

Confidence Boosters For Shy Kids

When it comes to confidence boosters for shy kids, be the present parent or adult in their life that can be there with them during this journey.

Not only will they feel supported and loved but they’ll also feel as though their shyness can easily melt away!

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Do you have any other simple confidence boosters for how to help a shy child?

Let me know in the comments!

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