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15 Best Educational YouTube Channels For Kids

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15 Educational YouTube channels for kids that take the guilt out of screen time!

The perfect Mom hack to help your kids learn while being entertained!

Let’s face it, many of us Moms are guilty of letting our kids have too much screen time.

It’s so easy to bring a tablet on a long car trip or hand over our smartphone to our toddler while pushing them in the shopping cart.


Educational YouTube Channels For Kids


Most kids these days would rather watch a video on YouTube rather than actually watch a real T.V. show. 

With access to tablets and Smart T.V.’s, YouTube is more accessible to kids than ever.  

Well, let’s let them have some GUILT-FREE screen time by letting them watch some educational videos on YouTube that can actually make them smarter. 

Keep Kids Safe On YouTube

Even though it is easily accessible, YouTube can also be dangerous, it is the internet after all. 

Always take some precautions to keep your kids safe on YouTube.

You should set up a family account that lets you keep track of all the videos your children watch. 

Parents should also turn on the YouTube safety mode. The safety mode button is at the very bottom of the homepage. 

These precautions are smart, but nothing is foolproof so always monitor the videos your children watch. 

Also, if you have an Amazon Fire Tablet for kids, there are a lot of parental control options that will help you protect your kids. 

I love the Fire tablets for kids because they are CHEAP and durable. Plus, if your child still manages to break it, Amazon has a great trade-in/replacement policy!


Best YouTube Videos For Kids

There are some REALLY awesome educational videos on YouTube that you just can’t find on television.

The best part is they are all FREE!

Skip the guilt of giving your kids’ screen time when letting them watch these channels!


Best Educational YouTube Videos For Kids


15 Best Educational YouTube Channels – To Make Your Kids Smarter

1. National Geographic Kids


Who doesn’t love to watch National Geographic! Remember those days that you were glued to the T.V. watching “Shark Week”? 

Well, they have the most amazing videos for kids too!

From exploring different jobs to different places, National Geographic Kids will not disappoint!

2. Sesame Street


Remember the excitement of hearing the lyrics, “Sunny day, sweeping the clouds away”?

When we were growing up, Sesame Street was one of the only educational television shows made for kids. 

I remember loving episodes with Bert and Ernie. My kids love to watch all of the Elmo’s World episodes. 

Sesame Street is a classic that will always be a great educational show for kids!

3. Whiz Kid Science


What kid doesn’t like science experiments?

The best part about this educational channel is that the experiments can easily be done at home with simple ingredients.

This YouTube channel is a homeschooling favorite for kids not only because of the cool science experiments but it is hosted by other kids making it more relatable.

4. TED-Ed


Do you love TED Talks? I do!

TED Talks are motivational, inspiring and educational. So of course their YouTube channel for kids would also be just as amazing!

TED-Ed is one the best educational YouTube channels because it was made especially for use in classrooms. 

The videos produced on TED-Ed are from a collaboration of educators, experts, scientists, and historians. 

With animation, the writers tell short stories that answer our children’s most curious questions. 

5. Cool School


Cool School videos are a fun way to learn because they use animated superheroes and real teachers to teach fun lessons. 

There are so many fun story lessons and even craft videos to keep your children entertained. 

6. Homeschool Pop


Homeschool Pop videos are not just for home-schooled kids. 

There are videos for every grade level and they cover so many subjects.

The videos are interactive and entertaining. They really make learning FUN!

7. Blippi


The videos on the Blippi channel are more geared towards educating toddlers and preschoolers. 

Blippi’s videos are upbeat and educational. They teach colors, shapes, numbers, and letters. 

Some of the most popular uploads are about animals, firetrucks, and visiting play centers.  

8. Organic Learning – Educational Videos for Kids

Organic learning is another YouTube channel geared for educating toddlers and preschoolers. 

This channel uses real toys to teach colors and counting. 

If your child loves cars and, trucks then this channel is a must!

9. Toddler Fun Learning

Well as you may guess by the name of the channel, Toddler Learning Fun is for toddlers. 

Their videos are all about teaching colors, shapes, letters, and numbers through animated stories. 

They even have fun sing-a-longs.

10. Free School


The Free School channel is more for elementary-aged kids. 

They cover a lot of topics in their videos such as nouns, the solar system, continents, and even American history. 

It is an educational YouTube channel used by many homeschoolers. 

11. SciShow

Sci Show is another educational channel meant for school-aged kids. 

They go over tons of science based questions that your kids have probably asked you before.  

Their motto is that they “explore the unexpected”  which makes it the perfect channel for curious kids. 

12. It’s Okay To Be Smart

 If your kids can’t get enough of science this channel is a must. 

It’s Okay To Be Smart is mainly for school-aged kids. There are many science lessons that use animation and real life footage to entertain kids. 

13. Oh My Genius – Nursery Rhymes And Kids Songs

With videos like “The Numbers Song” and “The Shapes Song” the Oh My Genius channel is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. 

14. What Do We Do All Day?


This channel has some really great CREATIVE IDEAS for your CURIOUS KIDS!

Their videos specialize in math, art, easy science, DIY games, and fun play ideas.

It is another homeschooling favorite!

15. 5-Minute Crafts PLAY

Last by not least, is one of our favorites, 5 Minute Crafts PLAY. 

So you know how much I love mom hacks, well check out this video of the ultimate kid hacks! 

If your child is crafty then they will find plenty of inspiration on this channel. 

As a bonus, these videos are interesting for Moms too 😉

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What are your kid’s favorite educational YouTube channels?  PLEASE let me know in the comments 🙂


Moms Helping Moms! Share The Love!

Marcie Dexter

Tuesday 5th of October 2021

Thank you so much for sharing! I loved this list and have used so many of these channels for my sons. I would add Hopscotch songs because it is my sons favorite channel for Math, Science, and Geography.


Tuesday 1st of December 2020

Great list! My kids love Mr. DeMaio, he is super funny!


Friday 6th of March 2020

I love that you compiled this list of the best education YouTube videos. I especially love that National Gepgraphic and Ted-ed made the list.

Heather | The Blessed Mama of 4

Thursday 5th of March 2020

These are all really great educational options. Thanks for sharing!

Grace Fredericks

Thursday 5th of March 2020

I didn't know there were so many options out there. A great way to utilize Youtube for young kids.

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