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FREE Printable Chore Charts For Kids

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Two Free Printable Chore Charts For Kids!

Use these fun kid’s chore chart printables to teach kids the importance of daily tasks!


free printable chore charts for kids


Here at Mom Hacks 101, we know that teaching kids the value of doing chores is vital to growing up.

Chores help kids to develop a sense of responsibility and independence.

In fact, a recent study has proven that kids that do age-appropriate chores are more successful and happy as adults.

Kids need to learn that they have to take care of themselves and their environment, and chores are a great way to do that.

Using chore charts is a great way to ensure that kids understand what tasks they need to do when they need to do them. 

Chore charts are a great way to help kids learn responsibility at a young age.

It’s also essential for parents to choose age-appropriate chores for their children so that it is not too difficult or overwhelming for them.

By assigning tasks to each day of the week, kids can learn how to manage their time and keep track of their progress.

Kids Chore Chart Printable


chore chart for kids


That is why we have two free printable chore charts for kids for our readers!

Using these kids’ chore chart printables will make it easy for parents to set up a system that works for them and their children.

Parents can use these free printable chore charts to easily track when kids complete chores and even offer rewards for completing them on time.

These chore charts can also be used to incentivize children to complete their daily and weekly tasks because of the weekly reward!

Using a child’s chore chart will help them learn the importance of completing tasks, staying organized, and taking ownership of their responsibilities.

These printable chore charts provide kids with a visual reminder of what needs to be done and help them to understand the importance of completing tasks around the house.

By assigning age-appropriate chores, kids can develop a sense of pride in their accomplishments while also learning essential life skills.

Parents can use these free printable chore charts to easily track when kids complete chores or offer rewards for completing them on time.

Pink Chore Chart

The first free printable chore chart for kids is a fun pink print.


kids chore charts


Dinosaur Chore Chart

The second child chore chart has dinosaurs on it. 


childs chore chart


These kids’ chore chart printables can be fully customized for age-appropriate tasks.

These chore chart templates will make it easier for kids to know when and how they should complete their daily tasks. 

Remember, chore charts are an excellent tool for families with young children to help them build independence and responsibility early on. 

You can find these free printable chore charts for kids in our Resource Library.

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If you are looking for an adult chore chart, we have a printable cleaning list for moms to help them stay on top of their chores as well.

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