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Elf On The Shelf Superhero Costumes FREE Printables

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FREE printable Elf On The Shelf Superhero Costumes!

These fun superhero elf costumes will let your kids have hours of fun!


Elf On The Shelf Superhero Costume printables


It’s no secret that most kids love superheroes!

My son and daughter both like to dress up as their favorite Justice League character.

Kids love superheroes because they are able to live out their fantasy of being a hero.


Superhero Elf Costume


Superheroes fight for justice and for the good of humankind, and this is what kids want to do as well.

So why not dress up your Elf on the Shelf as your child’s favorite superhero as a fun holiday surprise?

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FREE Printable Superhero Elf On The Shelf Costumes

These Elf on the Shelf superhero printables is a fun addition to your holiday elf shenanigans.

Most kids love dressing up as superhero themselves, using these printable Elf on the Shelf superhero costumes can be a fun holiday tradition!

For one thing, these Elf on the Shelf printable outfits are free, so that is a huge plus.

So if you are trying to do your Christmas shopping on a budget, then using free printables during the holidays are great way to help have a magical Christmas without spending money!


Free Printable Elf On The Shelf Superhero Costumes


In addition, because they are printable, you can print them again and again and not have to worry about ruining the superhero elf costumes. 

Every year, we have plenty of fun with our Elf like making a scavenger hunts with these Elf notes, or even playing Elf twister

So this year I decided to make these printable superhero Elf costumes for my kids and to give to my readers.

Kids will love these superhero costumes for Elf on the Shelf because it gives them an opportunity to dress up their Elf as their favorite superhero.

Plus, they can even dress up in their own superhero costumes and pretend to fight for justice together with their elf.


Superhero Elf on the shelf costume printables


I based each of these elf superhero costumes on some of children’s favorite superheroes like The Flash, Spiderman, and Captain America.

Our favorite is the spiderman Elf on The Shelf!

There are plenty of superhero elf ideas that will keep your kids entertained with Santa’s little helper. 

Make your elf superhero part of your Christmas Bucket List!

Elf On The Shelf Superhero Printables

You can download these free printable elf superhero costumes from our Resource Library.

Simply sign up here and the link and password will be emailed to you shortly.

The Resource Library even has a FREE Elf Arrival Letter From Santa!

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