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Thankful Turkey Handprint Paper Plate Craft

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Fun and interactive thankful turkey handprint craft for kids!

Let kids show their gratitude with this keepsake turkey paper plate craft. 


thankful turkey handprint Thanksgiving craft for kids


Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on everything we are grateful for.

A great way to get kids involved in this tradition is by making an “I am thankful” turkey craft! 

The Thankful Turkey Handprint craft is a classic activity with a unique interactive twist that makes it perfect for pre-k and school-aged children.

It’s also an excellent turkey craft for toddlers. 

The instructions are easy to follow, and kids will love getting creative with their designs.

They can write what they are thankful for on the fingers of the handprint, making each turkey unique and special.

This craft is not only a fun Thanksgiving activity for kids, but it also helps them to think about all the things they have to be thankful for in their lives.

It’s a great way to start a conversation with your child about gratitude, kindness, and appreciation.

Plus, the finished product makes a fun, interactive Thanksgiving turkey craft to move around.

Best of all, it’s a simple and affordable craft that can be done at home, school, or daycare.

This fun and easy craft is perfect for kids of all ages because it can be done with materials you probably already have at home, like a paper plate and markers. 

I’ll guide you through the easy steps to create a Thanksgiving Thankful Turkey using your child’s handprint.

This easy Thanksgiving craft is a great way to get into the Thanksgiving spirit and create a lasting memory with your child. 

So, let’s get started and create an “I Am Thankful” Turkey Handprint Paper Plate Craft that will be the talk of the table this Thanksgiving! 


I am thankful turkey


Easy Handprint Thankful Turkey Craft

This adorable Thanksgiving craft involves tracing your child’s handprint on construction paper and turning it into a turkey.

Your child can write down things they are thankful for on the turkey’s feathers.

Don’t forget to write the date on the back of the turkey for a keepsake.

This craft is perfect for young children and makes a great decoration for your Thanksgiving table.

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How To Make I Am Thankful Turkey Handprint Craft


thankful turkey paper plate


Gather your supplies and get ready to make some adorable “I am thankful” turkeys with your little ones!

Be sure to watch the full video tutorial as well!

You will need the following materials:
  • A paper plate
  • Paint in green and blue
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Black Marker
  • Colored Pencils or markers
  • Popsicle stick
  • Googly eyes
  • Double-sided tape
  • White card stock paper
  • Construction paper in red, yellow, and brown

Full Tutorial: Thankful Turkey Handprint Craft For Kids

Now, let’s get started with the step-by-step instructions for this cute gratitude turkey craft:



Step 1: Paint the paper plate with green at the bottom and blue at the top, creating a beautiful sky and grass landscape.

Encourage older kids to be creative and use different brush strokes to add texture to the painting.

Let it dry completely.


Thankful Turkey Craft

Step 2: Once the paint is dry, use a marker to write “I am thankful” at the top of the plate.

This is an excellent opportunity to talk to your child about the importance of gratitude and what they are thankful for.

Step 3: Cut a slit at the bottom of the plate.

This will be where we attach our turkey later on.


Thanksgiving turkey handprint craft


Step 4: Help your child trace their hand onto plain white cardstock paper or just use another paper plate.

Let them know that their hand shape is their little turkey.

Encourage kids to color the handprint into a turkey.

They can use crayons, colored pencils, or markers.

Remind them the palm is the turkey’s body and the fingers are the turkey tail feathers.


Thankful Turkey Handprint


Step 5: On each finger of the handprint, your child can write what they are thankful for.

Take this time to start a conversation about gratitude and what makes us happy.


I am thankful turkey handprint


Step 6: Now, let’s create a cute turkey to add to our gratitude plate!

Cut a small circle from brown construction paper to make the turkey’s head.

Now add two googly eyes to it.

Step 7: Cut a small yellow triangle to make the beak and a small triangle from the red construction paper to add beside the beak.

This is an excellent opportunity to talk about the different parts of a turkey and how they look.


turkey face


Step 7: Cut a small yellow triangle to make the beak and a small triangle from the red construction paper to add beside the beak.

This is an excellent opportunity to talk about the different parts of a turkey and how they look.


Easy Turkey Craft for kids


Step 8: Attach a popsicle stick to the back of the handprint turkey using double-sided tape.

This will create a fun and interactive craft that your child can play with.


Turkey Handprint craft


Step 9: Finally, insert the turkey into the slit at the bottom of the plate.


I am thankful turkey craft


Watch your completed turkeys move as you express your gratitude!

This is the fun part that brings your thankful turkey craft to life! 


Thankful Turkey Handprint Craft For Thanksgiving


Enjoy your cute and personalized thankful turkey craft!

Note: Older children can add tissue paper to create a fun and colorful 3D background to the paper plate turkey craft.

This craft is a great way to teach kids about gratitude and the importance of expressing thanks.

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Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids

Overall, making “I am thankful” turkey crafts on Thanksgiving Day is a fun and meaningful activity that children of all ages can enjoy.

It encourages gratitude, creativity, and bonding, making it a great way to spend time with family.

One of the best things about Thanksgiving traditions is their opportunity for family bonding.

So get all the family members involved in making these easy Thanksgiving crafts.

Each turkey will be unique as people reflect on what they are thankful for. 

So, this Thanksgiving season, take some time to reflect on your family’s traditions and consider starting some new ones.

Whether making an “I am thankful” turkey craft or playing the Thankful Dice Game with the whole family, find ways to connect and create memories that will last a lifetime.

After all, the most important part of the holiday season is spending quality time with the people we love.

Handprint turkeys are a classic Thanksgiving craft that kids of all ages love to make. 

This cute Thanksgiving craft is a fun way to entertain younger kids while Thanksgiving dinner is being made.

All you need is a few materials and your child’s hand!

This handprint turkey craft makes a great keepsake!

Let your kids make this fun Thanksgiving craft every year, and watch as little hands grow each year, and how the list of things they are grateful for changes.

Let me know what you are thankful for this year in the comments.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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