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Paper Plate Hocus Pocus Craft: Sanderson Sisters Cauldron

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Searching for an easy Hocus Pocus Crafts for kids?  

Make a fun Halloween paper plate craft that is the Sanderson Sisters’ cauldron!

Here is a full tutorial with step-by-step images on how to make an easy hocus pocus craft for kids!


Hocus Pocus Craft


Today, I have a Halloween treat for you: a fun Hocus Pocus paper plate craft featuring the iconic Sanderson sisters!

If your kids love the movie Hocus Pocus, they’ll love bringing these quirky witches to life in a fun and creative way.

My kids loved making these easy DIY Hocus Pocus crafts while watching Hocus Pocus and Hocus Pocus 2!

They couldn’t wait to show their crafts off to our neighbor, who has a black cat named Binx, just like the movie. 


Paper Plate Hocus Pocus Craft


Easy Hocus Pocus Craft For Kids

As always on Mom Hacks 101, this Halloween paper plate craft is made with simple supplies you probably already have. 

That means no extra cost and no special trips to the craft store! 

Plus, we have you covered with a free printable template. 

With just the Hocus Pocus free printables and a few materials you already have at home, your kids can bring these iconic witches to life.

The best part is these little magical creations provide an interactive Hocus Pocus craft that kids can move around!


Paper Plate Hocus Pocus Craft


Sanderson Sisters Craft

This fun Hocus Pocus craft will for sure get anyone into the Halloween spirit!

The Sanderson sisters, with their unique personalities and quirky mannerisms, have become iconic Halloween characters that kids love. 

There really aren’t too many Sanderson sisters crafts for kids, so why not make one on a paper plate?

This craft allows your kids to explore their creativity and bring the Sanderson sisters to life in a unique way.

So, gather your materials and get ready to have fun with your kids as you create this Hocus Pocus paper plate craft featuring the Sanderson Sisters’ cauldron.

Who knows, it may even inspire a Hocus Pocus movie night with the family to watch the fun classic movie together!

This can be the perfect Halloween paper plate craft for preschool! 

Younger kids love the movie, so kids will love creating Hocus Pocus arts and crafts during the Halloween season.

Plus, this is a great craft to make at any Hocus Pocus party.

Not only is it a fun and interactive Halloween craft, but it can be used as fun Sanderson Sisters’ decor.


Sanderson Sisters craft


Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters’ Cauldron Paper Plate Craft

Are you ready to have a bunch of Hocus Pocus making your favorite witches?

Be sure to watch the fun step-by-step video on how to make this easy Hocus Pocus Craft!

Now, let’s get started!

Supply List:  

  • Construction Paper or Cardstock (colors needed: light green, dark green, light purple, dark purple, yellow, orange, black, white & light blue)
  • 2 Paper Plates
  • Wooden spoon (you can also use jumbo craft sticks, regular popsicle sticks may be too small.)
  • School glue or Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • black paint and paintbrush
  • White marker
  • Red marker
  • Black marker or pen
  • free template (link at the bottom of this post)


1. Let’s start by painting the first paper plate black.


Hocus Pocus craft. Paint the paper plate black.


2. Once it’s dry, cut out the inner part of the paper plate. 


Step 2 cut the middle out.


3. Now, cut a circle from the purple paper that’s the same size as the second paper plate.

Glue the purple circle onto the second paper plate to create the base of the Sanderson sister’s cauldron.


Hocus Pocus Craft step 3


Now it’s time to use the Hocus Pocus free printables.


hocus pocus free printables


4. Print and cut out the cauldron and Sanderson sisters’ free templates provided.

Now, assemble the Sanderson sisters from the template.

It’s easy to cut and trace!


Hocus Pocus Craft step 4


5. Trace the Sanderson Sisters’ dresses onto the corresponding papers.


Sanderson Sisters Craft


6. Next, use the Sanderson Sister’s template to trace and cut out their hair shape. 

Sanderson Sisters craft free template



Sanderson Sisters Hair


7. Then you use the red marker to make their distinguishing mouth shapes.


Sanderson sisters craft template


8. Next, use the black marker to add the eyes and their beauty marks. 


Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters Craft


9. Once you have assembled them, glue them onto the wooden stick.

It doesn’t matter the order.

Of course, I put our favorite Sanderson sister, Winifred, in the center. 


Sanderson sisters craft attach to wooden spoon


Now, let’s make the cauldron.


Sanderson Sisters cauldron


10. Cut out the cauldron from black paper.


Hocus Pocus Craft Cauldron


11. Cut out the bubbling part from green paper.

Now, it’s time to give the Sanderson Sisters’ cauldron a bubbling effect by cutting out a larger bubbling piece.

Glue the light green onto the larger dark green piece.


Sanderson Sisters cauldron craft


12. Glue the green paper at the back of the black cauldron.


Paper Hocus Pocus Cauldron


13. Attach the cauldron to the black paper plate.

Make sure to put it at the back.


paper plate hocus pocus craft


14. Write “Hocus Pocus” at the top of the plate using a white marker to add some spooky charm.


Easy Hocus Pocus Paper plate craft


15. Glue the two paper plates together around the rim, but make sure to leave space for the wooden spoon where the Sanderson sisters are attached.


Paper plate Hocus Pocus Craft easy


16. Lastly, insert the Sanderson sisters into the space you left for the wooden stick.


Last step Hocus Pocus Craft



You’ve created a fun and spooky Halloween decoration that your kids will love! 


Easy Hocus Pocus Craft Sanderson Sisters Cauldron


This Halloween paper plate craft is the perfect Hocus Pocus arts and crafts activity for a Halloween Party or while watching the Hocus Pocus Halloween movies. 

You can find all the free printable templates in the Resource Library

If you haven’t already signed up, sign up here, and the link and password will be emailed to you shortly. 

There are so many fun and free digital files that you can download instantly!

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Plus, be sure to grab the free Halloween Scavenger Hunt printable

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Wednesday 4th of October 2023

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