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101 Fun & Free Ways For Kids To Learn At Home

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The Ultimate List of Fun & Free Ways For Kids To Learn At Home From Preschool through High-school. 

Free educational activities for kids at home!


Free at home learning resources for kids


Many parents are rushing around looking for fun and free ways for their kids to learn at home because of recent school closings.

This has been a little overwhelming for some parents and kids alike.

Don’t worry. This ultimate list of over 100 FREE learning resources will help teach your kids while making learning fun.

If you are new to homeschooling, then I suggest you take it one day at a time. The main thing you want to encourage is a love of learning.

You don’t need to come up with perfect teacher-approved lesson plans. 

Teach your kids how to research what they don’t know. Don’t worry about cramming in facts, your kids will learn from natural curiosity. 

Just remember you were already teaching your kids at home just by talking to them and sharing the learning that happens with everyday life.

These learning prompts and free online learning resources will help your kids learn outside the classroom and give you peace of mind.

Fun Ways To Kids To Learn At Home

101 Fun & Free Learning Resources For Kids To Learn At Home

Learning prompts, FREE online learning resources, and virtual field trips for kids of all ages and grade levels.


1. Look at a book and tell your family what the story is about.

2. Sort objects by size, shape, and color. (legos, cars, etc.)

3. Head, shoulders, knees, and toes. Sing it fast. Sing it quiet. Sing it loud. Sing it opera style.

4. Draw a picture for a friend. Sign your name.

5. Gallop down the hallway. Skip on your sidewalk. Hop on one foot.

6. Practice folding laundry with a family member. 

7. Use scissors and cut a line, a zig-zag, and a curve.

8. Write your name with a pencil. A crayon. A pen. And a marker.

9. What rhymes with box? Cat? Dad? Food? Book? Ball?

10. Count to 20. Count to 50.

11. Count by 2’s. Count by 10’s.

12. Roll dice and say the number. Roll 2 dice and count. 

13. Learn your address. What is your street name? What is your house number?

14. Practice saying the letters in your name. 

15. Practice your phone number.

16. Say your parent’s and sibling’s names, first, middle, and last.

17. Watch the Letter Land Megamix.

18. Learn mindfulness with Cosmic Kids Yoga.

19. Find an object for each color: red, yellow, green, blue, brown, black, pink, and white.

20. Take pictures doing silly faces and different emotions.  Email or text your favorite to a family member or friend.


Free Learning Resources For Kids


21. Do a “sight word” word-hunt in books and magazines.

22. Write words in shaving cream.

23. Snowball fight: write different words on pieces of paper and crumble them into “snowballs”, throw them, pick them up, and read them.

24. Clap and count syllables in words.

25. Have a noun hunt around your house.

26. Read to a teddy bear.

27. Create a list of Acts of Kindness

28. Write a letter to a family member. 

29. Keep a daily journal.

30. Cook with a family member, measuring all the ingredients. 

31. Play store. Practice selling, buying, and adding things up. 

32. Make a math bingo game. 

33. Plant a seed in a clear container and record daily observations. 

34. Keep a daily Weather Log.

35. Pick an interesting topic and spend time researching everything about it. Then make a presentation to show your family.

36. Try new food and then write a food critic review about it. 

37. Measure and record things. Like how far you can jump or how far your hot wheels car can go down the hallway.

38. Build mazes. 

39. Go on a nature walk outside.

40. Collect leaves and look them up on the internet.

41. Make a book.

42. Play Simon Says.

43. Make up new dance moves to show your family. 

44. Write down your feelings.

45. Make up a new sport. Write down the rules then play it. 

46. Act out your favorite storybook.

47. Call a grandparent and have them tell you a funny story about your parents. Then tell it back to your parents.

48. Create a collage using magazines or pictures you can print from your computer.

49. Make hopscotch with sidewalk chalk. 

50. Make sight-word hopscotch. 

51. Research a place you have never been to and write about it. 

52. Draw a self-portrait.

53. Ask one of these thought-provoking 101 fun questions

54. Make some homemade playdoh, gak, or slime. Here are some creative recipes.


55. Learn a language. 

56. Write a short story.

57. Learn crochet or knitting. Here are some FREE craft tutorials.

58. Learn to cook a new meal.

59. Come up will a small business idea. Then write out how it will work. 

60. Go for a hike and take pictures of the things you see.

61. Take a FREE photography class

62. Write your local Congressional representative about an important matter.

63. Learn to change a tire on the family car.

64. Create a weekly meal plan for your family with a complete store list. 

65. Try some science experiments using items you have at home. 

66. Call a grandparent and interview them. Ask them at least 20 questions about when they were your age.

67. Write a persuasive letter about why you should or shouldn’t do something. 

68. Create a daily log of a current world event. 

69. Find a book in your house you have never read before and read it.

70. Look up a job you would love to have and make up a resume for it.

71. Write a bucket-list.

72. Read a book and summarize it from another character’s point of view. 

FREE Virtual Field Trips

Even when you are staying home, you can still take your kids on “virtual” field trips.

73. Watch the San Diego Live Zoo Cams to take the kids to the zoo from the comforts of your home.

74. Monterey Bay Aquarium has cool live cams as well. Your kids can watch sharks to jellyfish, to experience the wonder of the ocean no matter where they are!

75. Take a virtual tour of the Grand Canyon. 

76. Or you can even take a virtual tour of the White House

FREE Online Learning Resources For Kids

We live in a technology era where there are so many free educational resources for kids right at our fingertips. 

Free Educational Websites & Apps

77. 15 Best Educational YouTube Channels for kids

Check out these 15 educational channels on YouTube that will not only educate your kids but keep them entertained with guilt-free screen time. 

78. Starfall

Starfall has been a favorite learning resource for kids and educators for years. It is a great site for preschoolers and elementary aged kids. It focuses on fun ways to learn math and reading.

79. Scholastic Kids

Scholastic is a great site to get kids interested in reading. Kids can find plenty of free books and even ways to create their own stories. 

80. ABC Mouse

ABC Mouse is more focused on preschool-1st grade. It has a 30-day free trial to try it out first.

81. Read Works

Read Works has plenty of FREE digital classes and printables for grades K-12.

82. Khan Academy

Khan Academy has been a homeschool favorite for years. Not only is it an amazing FREE learning resource, but it covers pretty much EVERYTHING!  It even has classes for adults.

83. Zearn Math

Is a completely FREE educational website for kids K-5 grade. 

84. GoNoodle

GoNoodle benefits kids’ physical wellness, academic success, and social-emotional health.

85. TIME For Kids

You know how educational TIME magazine is, well they have a great educational website just for kids too. The site mainly focuses on Kindergarten thru middle school. 

86. Easy-Peasy Homeschool

This is another home-school favorite. It is the MOST comprehensive list of subjects from preschool to high-school. Not only is jam-packed full of educational resources, but it is completely FREE.

87. Book Creator

Let kids make their own books. Your kids can write, illustrate and read their own literary pieces. 

88. Epic!

At Epic! your child can have access to over 35,000 books and videos.

89. Hippo Campus

Hippo Campus has FREE learning resources from elementary to high-school. 

90. MIT for High-School

MIT offers FREE online classes for highschoolers. 

91. The Harvard Classics

FREE access to over 51 classic books recommended by top professors. 

92. Watch Know Learn

Free educational videos for K-12.

93. Google Art Project

An awesome educational resource that gives your kids access to over 1000 works of art appearing in museums all around the world. 

94. 50 States

Learn everything there is to know about all 50 states on this interactive website for students. 

95. Fun Brain

Fun Brain is a free website full of educational games that teach math, grammar, reading and more.

96. CK-12

Offers free online classes and textbooks in many different languages for children of all ages. A great free online learning resource for kids no matter what country you are from. 

97. Google Historical Voyages

Learn about historical explorers and voyages from around the world.  

98. Teaching History

Free history lesson plans for grades K-12.

Educational Podcasts:

99. Brains On

100. But Why: For Curious Kids

101. Wow In The World


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101 Fun & FREE Activities To Do With Kids

101 Fun Questions To Ask Kids To Get Them Talking

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Do you know any fun & free ways for kids to learn at home?  PLEASE let me know in the comments 🙂

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Cherry | It's All Cherry

Thursday 16th of July 2020

There so many things to do on this list! It's great! I'm tuning into the Monterey Bay Aquarium live cam now.


Wednesday 15th of July 2020

So many ideas to teach kids at the home!!! Perfect for the time !!


Wednesday 15th of July 2020

This is perfect for homeschooling this year. I have been looking for ways to teach my kids at home and I love this approach! So many great educational resources!!


Tuesday 12th of May 2020

Such great ideas for all having to stay home to stay safe! Thank you so much!

Kelly Marie

Saturday 28th of March 2020

Lots of great ideas! Thanks for sharing.

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