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5 Free Halloween Coloring Pages For Kids

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Free printable Halloween coloring pages for kids!

These cute Halloween pictures to color have something for everyone!


Halloween coloring pages for kids


Halloween is a time of year that kids of all ages look forward to. 

It’s a spooky season filled with candy corn, haunted houses, witch’s hats, and lots of fun. 

One great way to get into the Halloween spirit is by using free Halloween coloring sheets.

These free coloring pages are a huge hit with kids of all ages, from little monsters to older children. 

They offer a fun and creative way to celebrate Halloween without spending any money on store-bought coloring books, just one of the many mom hacks you will find here.

There are five different types of Halloween coloring sheets available, from pumpkin coloring pages to ghost coloring pages and everything in between. 

Whether you’re looking for cute Halloween coloring pages for little kids or more intricate designs for older kids, there’s something for everyone.


Printable Halloween Coloring Pages FREE


Halloween pictures to color free


One of the best things about these Halloween pictures to color is that they’re available for FREE for personal use. 

You can print out as many as you want and use them for non-commercial use, such as at a school Halloween party or for coloring fun at home.

They’re perfect for younger kids who are just learning to color, as well as older kids who want a bit of a challenge.

There are also lots of fun pages featuring Halloween-themed designs like spider webs, ghosts, full moons, and haunted houses. 

Cute Halloween Coloring Pages

The first of the easy Halloween coloring pages is a spooky scene with a mummy to capture the spirit of the season.

This coloring page is perfect for older kids who want a bit of a challenge regarding coloring. 

They can use colored pencils or markers to create their own spooky fun.

free halloween coloring pages

Free Halloween Coloring Sheet: Spooky Scene


​The second Halloween coloring sheet is of a haunted house.

Don’t worry it’s not too scary, but it is spooky enough to excite the kids about Halloween.


free halloween coloring sheet

Free Halloween Coloring Pages: Haunted House


The third page of the Halloween-themed coloring pages is a Halloween pumpkin with the words “Happy Halloween.” 


Happy Halloween coloring sheets free

Halloween Coloring Sheet: Happy Halloween Pumpkin


The fourth page of the free Halloween printables is of a cat wearing a witch’s hat. 

cute halloween coloring pages

Cute Halloween coloring pages: Black Cat With Witch’s Hat


The fifth coloring page is of a cute ghost with a full moon in the background. 

Halloween pictures to color

Halloween Pictures To Color: Cute Ghost

Halloween Activities

​You can find all of these free printable Halloween coloring pages in the Resource Library. 

​Sign up here for free, and the link and password to the Resource Library will be emailed to you shortly.

​While in the Resource Library, be sure to print out the Halloween Handprint spider craft keepsake!

Plus, for more Halloween fun, be sure to print out the Free Halloween Scavenger Hunt and tell some of these fun Halloween jokes for kids.

Also, we have plenty of Halloween crafts, like the Hocus Pocus Paper Plate craft and a 3D pumpkin made from an empty toilet paper roll.

For older kids, be sure to try out this fun Halloween science experiment

So try out some Halloween crafts, tell some spooky jokes, and do Halloween coloring to get into the Halloween spirit and have lots of fun. 

They’re perfect for younger kids who are just learning to color, as well as older kids who want a bit of a challenge. 

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