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101 Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids To Do In 2024

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101 summer bucket list ideas for kids in 2024 that will help them have an unforgettable time.

From spending quality time outdoors, discovering new hobbies, or indulging in a summer bucket list craftivity!

Summertime is almost here, and kids can’t wait to break out of their regular routine.

What better way to make the most of the summer months than making a fun bucket list?


Kids Summer Bucket List


When summertime rolls around, every child’s imagination starts running wild with all the fun and exciting activities they could be doing.

The sun is shining, the days are long, and the world is full of vibrant colors and delightful sounds.

There’s simply no limit to the joy and memories waiting to be made.

With this in mind, get prepared for the summer with these 101 summer bucket list ideas for kids as a starting point.

This Kids Summer Bucket List is a treasure trove of inspiration to ensure your little ones have the best summer ever!


Summer Bucket List Ideas


How Do You Make A Summer Bucket List For Kids?

Summer break is the perfect opportunity to make a list of tons of fun activities for the whole family!

So take this time to make your own summer bucket list!

Creating a kids’ summer bucket list is easy.

To start, grab some paper and markers or open up your favorite word processor, then brainstorm some ideas for the activities you’d like to do this summer. 

Think back to the summers of your past and your childhood experiences.

What were the best parts?

Now consider what kind of adventures and mischief your own children might enjoy.

The key to a successful summer bucket list is to focus on activities that your kids will enjoy and find stimulating. 

Make sure to include options for both indoor and outdoor activities so there’s something fun to do regardless of the weather or time of day.

Also, don’t forget about budget-friendly freebies like visiting playgrounds and local parks. 

You can even use this activity-filled summer bucket list planner to make it an epic summer break to remember. 

Once you have a list of fun summer activities that your kids are interested in, it’s time to get organized and prioritize which ones will be the most fun and rewarding.

Create an action plan for each activity, including steps, supplies needed, and deadlines.

This will help keep everyone on track throughout the summer months! 

Of course, if you don’t want to do this bit, you can always use the 101 fun summer bucket list ideas for kids below!

Use these fun ideas to make the ultimate summer bucket list for kids!


Summer Activities For Kids


Ultimate Summer Bucket List For Kids

Use as many as you want of these summertime bucket list ideas for kids that you see below.

I doubt you’ll get to finish all of them, but a mama can dream! 


  1. Picnic in the Park: Pack a tasty lunch and head to the local park for an outdoor feast.

  1. Fly a Kite: Let your kids design their kite and watch it soar in the summer breeze.

  1. Go Berry Picking: Visit a local berry farm for a day of fruity fun.

  1. Star Gazing: When the sun goes down, lay a blanket in the backyard and explore the celestial bodies together.

  1. Make Homemade Lemonade: Squeeze fresh lemons and make a refreshing summer drink.

  1. Plant a Vegetable Garden: Teach them about plants and patience. There are plenty of fun DIY garden kits for kids.

  1. Water Balloon Fight: Cool off and have fun in the summer sun. Use these balloons, they fill up fast and easy!

  1. Nature Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of things to find in nature. Grab this Nature Scavenger Hunt printable!

  1. Go to a Baseball Game: Root for the home team and indulge in some stadium snacks.

  1. Build a Sand Castle: A visit to the beach is a summer must.

  1. Try a New Sport: Introduce a new sport to your kids and spend the summer practicing together

  1. Start a Book Club: Encourage reading by picking fun and age-appropriate books. Make sure to download this FREE Summer Reading Log printable

  1. Make Ice Cream: Create their favorite flavors right at home. Here are plenty of no churn homemade ice cream recipes!

  1. Visit a Museum: Inspire creativity and imagination with a day of culture.

  1. Write Letters to Pen Pals: Keep the art of handwritten letters alive. You can always start with a cute stationary gift set!

  1. DIY Bird Feeder: A crafty project that benefits local wildlife. Check out these tutorials on how to make DIY bird feeders from recycled materials. 

  1. Go on a Bike Ride: Exercise, have fun, and explore – all in one.

  1. Do a Puzzle: Enhance problem-solving skills with a jigsaw challenge. My kids are currently working on this fun 3D dinosaur puzzle!

  1. Catch Fireflies: Turn a summer night into a magical experience.

  1. Go Camping: Pitch a tent in the backyard or at a campground at a state park. Tell these funny camping jokes!

  1. Visit a local Farmers Market: Encourage healthy eating and support local farmers.

  1. Have a Sleepover: Invite friends over for a night of giggles and games.

  1. Learn Magic Tricks: Make them the star of their own magic show.

  1. Have a Yard Sale: Teach them about money by selling old toys and clothes.

  1. DIY Tie-Dye Shirts: A colorful craft that doubles as a personalized souvenir of summer. We used this awesome Tie-Dye kit, and our tie-dye shirts came out perfectly!

  1. Play Mini-Golf: Visit a local mini-golf course for a friendly family competition.

  1. Go Fishing: Teach your kids the joy of patience and the excitement when they finally catch a fish.

  1. Take a Nature Hike: Explore local trails while learning about flora and fauna along the way. Don’t forget to take a leaf spotter!

  1. Have a BBQ: Teach the kids the art of grilling while enjoying the delicious fruits of their labor.

  1. Make Homemade Popsicles: Experiment with different fruit juices and yogurt for a refreshing summer treat. Check out this list of 25 homemade popsicle recipes!

  1. Have a Themed Dress-Up Day: Choose a theme and let everyone’s imagination run wild with costumes.

  1. Paint Rocks: Collect rocks and paint them with vibrant colors and patterns for a creative afternoon. Use easy rock painting tutorials to get started!

  1. Make Homemade Pizza: Let the kids choose their toppings for a personalized pizza night. Have a homemade pizza party and watch a new movie!

  1. Create Sidewalk Chalk Art: Draw colorful murals right on your driveway or sidewalk.

  1. Go on a Road Trip: Choose a destination within a day’s drive and explore a new city. Summer is the perfect time to visit new places!

  1. Visit an Aquarium: Dive into underwater exploration without getting wet.

  1. Create a Scrapbook: Compile photos, mementos, and memories from the summer in a keepsake album.

  1. Go to a Water Park: Spend a day splashing around and cooling off in the water. Or you may even find a local FREE splash pad!

  1. Visit a Fire Station: Learn about fire safety and see fire trucks up close.

  1. Make A Fresh Salad: Use veggies from the market or your own garden and make a kid-friendly salad recipe!

  1. Watch a Sunset: Pack a light dinner and head to a local viewpoint to watch the sun go down.

  1. Build a Fort: Use pillows, blankets, and furniture for an indoor adventure or sticks and leaves for an outdoor one.

  1. Try Geocaching: Turn your hike into a treasure hunt by geocaching, a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices.


summertime bucket list ideas


  1. Make S’mores: Enjoy this classic campfire treat in your backyard or during a camping trip.

  1. Watch a Fireworks Show: Attend a local fireworks display or set off safe, kid-friendly fireworks at home. 

  1. Volunteer in the Community: Show your kids the value of giving back by helping at a local food bank, cleaning up a park, or supporting another local cause.

  1. Start a Lemonade Stand: Teach them about entrepreneurship with a traditional summer lemonade stand.

  1. Visit a Relative: Pay a visit to grandparents, aunts, uncles, or cousins to strengthen family bonds.

  2. Explore a New Playground: Discover a new favorite play area in your town or a neighboring one. 

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Summer Bucket List Activities

  1. Attend a Music Concert: Enjoy live music at a local park, fair, or community event.

  1. Learn a New Dance: From hip hop to salsa, learning a new dance can be a fun way to move and groove. Have a dance party!

  1. Plant a Flower Garden: Beautify your yard while teaching kids about different types of flowers and the importance of nature. They can even make an easy indoor terrarium

  1. Have a Movie Night: Choose a family-friendly film, pop some popcorn, and gather on the couch for a cozy night in.

  1. Go Bowling: Whether it’s ten-pin or candlepin, bowling is a fun and active indoor option.

  1. Visit a Lighthouse: If you live near the coast, explore a historic lighthouse and learn about maritime history.

  1. Write a Story: Encourage your kids to use their imagination and write a summer adventure tale.

  1. Start a Summer Journal: Encourage your kids to document their summer memories and feelings, fostering their writing skills. Check out these summer journal printables!

  1. Learn to Bake Cookies: Experiment with different recipes, and enjoy a sweet treat as the result.

  1. Have a Puppet Show: Help your kids make their own puppets and create a script for a captivating performance.


Summer Bucket List Ideas


  1. Make Homemade Play Dough: Teach kids to make non-toxic playdough using household ingredients.

  1. Have a Game Night: Break out board games for a friendly competition and laughter night.

  1. Go on a Boat Ride: Experience the joys of boating, whether it’s rowing on a pond or a ferry ride across a river.

  1. Visit a Butterfly House: Learn about the life cycle of butterflies in a magical, colorful setting.

  1. Learn Origami: Introduce kids to this Japanese art form, starting with simple folds and creations. Try out this this easy origami heart book mark tutorial.

  1. Draw a Family Portrait: Have your children express their perspective of the family through art.

  1. Build a LEGO City: Let your children’s creativity shine as they construct intricate structures. We just built the balloon house from Disney’s Up movie, it was so much fun!

  1. Make a Paper Mache Project: Whether it’s a pinata, a mask, or a simple bowl, working with paper mache is messy fun.

  1. Visit an Amusement Park: Enjoy the thrill of roller coasters, ferris wheels, and other rides at a local amusement park.

  1. Go Roller Skating: Strap on roller skates or blades for a day of active fun.

  1. Try Pottery: Visit a pottery studio and let your kids shape and paint their own masterpieces.

  1. Have A Random Acts Of Kindness Challenge: Teach your kids about kindness and empathy by doing random acts of kindness at home and in the community. Use this printable list of acts of kindness for kids.

  1. Make a Fruit Salad: Let your kids help you chop up a variety of fruits for a delicious, healthy dessert. We have plenty of salad recipes here!

  1. Visit a Historic Site: Learn about local history and culture with a day trip to a nearby historic site.

  1. Play Frisbee: A simple and fun outdoor activity that’s great for hand-eye coordination.


Ultimate Summer Bucket List


  1. Go to a Science Center: Interactive exhibits can inspire curiosity and learning in kids of all ages.

  1. Make Fun Conversation: Tell some funny summer jokes or even ask fun questions to get to know your kids better!

  1. Go Horseback Riding: Experience the joy of interacting with these magnificent animals.

  1. Try out Yoga: Kids can improve their flexibility and concentration with beginner yoga poses.

  1. Create a Time Capsule: Fill a container with items from the summer to be opened in the future. Grab these Time Capsule Printables!

  1. Paint a Canvas: Let kids express their creativity freely with paints and a blank canvas.

  1. Visit a Planetarium: Explore the stars and planets without the need for a telescope.

  1. Take a Cooking Class: Enroll in a family-friendly cooking class to learn new recipes. We had so much fun taking these virtual cooking classes for kids! Plus, you can see this list of 10 snack recipes preschoolers can make!

  1. Go Bird Watching: Encourage an appreciation for wildlife with a quiet afternoon of bird watching.

  1. Create a Family Tree: A fun project that can teach your kids about their heritage and family history.

  1. Make Homemade Bracelets: Use beads, string, and other materials for a crafty accessorizing activity. Try out one of these fun bracelet kits!

  1. Build a Model Airplane: A challenging but rewarding project, resulting in a fun toy or decoration. You can even make paper airplanes!

  1. Learn About Turtles: Summer is a great time to learn about box turtles and sea turtles. Kids will love making a paper plate turtle craft! It’s an easy summer bucket list craftivity!

  1. Go To Zoo: Have fun learning about animals! On your way there, be sure to ask these fun animal riddles!

  1. Visit a Farm: Show your kids where their food comes from, and they might even get to pet some farm animals.

  1. Set up a Photo Booth: Use props and a backdrop for a homemade photo booth, then take funny pictures.

  1. Try Face Painting: Bring out the artist in your child with safe, washable paints.


Summer Bucket List Ideas For Family


  1. Have a Picnic at the Beach: Pack a lunch and spend the day playing in the sand and surf.

  1. Go on a Ferry Ride: Enjoy the breeze and views on a local ferry ride.

  1. Create a Summer Playlist: Have each family member pick songs to create the soundtrack of your summer.

  1. Have a Water Gun Fight: Cool off with a friendly water gun battle in the backyard.

  1. Start a DIY Project: Build or make something as a family, like a birdhouse or a picture frame.

  1. Learn to Juggle: It takes a little practice, but it’s a cool skill to have!

  1. Visit a Library: Encourage reading by letting your kids pick out their own books.

  1. Set up a Treasure Hunt: Create a map and hide treasures around the house or yard for your kids to find.

  1. Make a Homemade Slip ‘n Slide: All you need is a tarp, some soap, and a hose for a day of slippery fun. Or check out these fun backyard water toys!

  1. Start a Gratitude Journal: Teach kids to appreciate their blessings by having them write about something they’re grateful for each day. Try out The Happy Journal – there is a rainbow and dinosaur edition. 

Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids – Bonus Ideas!


Summer Bucket List For Kids


While we’ve reached the end of our list, we want to make sure you understand the importance of tailoring this bucket list to your children’s unique interests and the opportunities available in your area.

You know your kids best.

Their interests, energy levels, and temperaments should guide your choices.

Here are a few bonus ideas to consider:

  • DIY Movie Theater: Set up a projector in the backyard, prepare popcorn and enjoy a family movie night under the stars.

  • Outdoor Concert: If your city organizes outdoor concerts in the park during the summer, don’t miss out! They can be a fun way for kids to be exposed to different music genres.

  • Make a Summer Smoothie: Use fresh summer fruits to make a refreshing smoothie. Kids will love to help prepare it and enjoy the tasty result.

  • Paint Pottery: Take the kids to a local pottery painting place. They can pick a ceramic piece to paint, and it’s a great way to foster their artistic side.

  • Decorate Bicycles: Let the kids decorate their bicycles with streamers, stickers, and whatever else they like. Then take a family bike ride around the neighborhood.

  • Have a Tea Party: Dress up and have a fancy tea party with real or pretend tea.

  • Puppet Theater: Make homemade puppets out of old socks or paper bags and then put on a puppet show. The perfect rainy day summer activity!

  • DIY Photo Album: Take lots of pictures throughout the summer, then create a photo album together.

  • Build an Obstacle Course: Use household items to create a fun and challenging obstacle course in the backyard.

  • Try New Food: Take your kids to an international food market and encourage them to try foods from different cultures.

  • Outdoor Yoga: Teach your kids the basics of yoga. It’s fun and will help them stay calm and centered.

Remember, the goal of your kids summer bucket list should be to create opportunities for learning, growth, exploration, and, most importantly, fun.

It’s about spending quality time together as a family and making the most of the beautiful summer days.

So don’t stress about completing every item on the list. Instead, turn these summer bucket list ideas for kids into your own beautiful perspective and let it guide you to an enjoyable and memorable summer!

101 Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids To Do In 2023

We hope this list provides a starting point for the best summer yet.

Remember, these are just suggestions – the best part of summer is that it’s the perfect time for kids to explore their interests, be creative, and have fun.

Adapt the list to your children’s interests and your local area to get the most out of your summer adventures, and, above all, take this opportunity to bond with your kids, encourage their curiosity, and enjoy the simple pleasures that come with the warm, sunny season. 

Happy summer and happy memory-making!

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